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We're back. Wade and Chris and Jennifer and David all talk about how they were just getting close and how shitty it was to see the Locksmith. Bleh. Now Jennifer talks, saying how difficult the decision is and this person (Wade) is a fascinating person (Wade) and she's not feeling much of a bond (Wade) and this person is Wade. Of course. Wade nods; Chris hugs him very intimately. Jennifer unchains Wade and gives him twelve hundred dollars because she thinks he's an amazing person and she hopes he finds "that connection" with somebody else. As Wade and the Locksmith disappear, the others hug.

Short bus. Wade says that he enjoyed getting to know Jennifer. Jennifer says, "Wade definitely is…not completely my type." Oh no! Poor guy. Where most people are bitter, Wade seems very humble. He tells us that Jennifer said he was "fascinating," but he guesses he wasn't fascinating enough. Jennifer says that Wade is a funny guy, but it would get old very quickly. Wade bitches that he's in the "ride of death" while the other "three cats" are at the house drinking beer. Jennifer's right, he is funny, and she's also right that it gets old very quickly. Jennifer: "I was kind of scared of Wade because he really was making me nuts." Wow. Sad. Wade then says that he loves the American people and that he hopes he didn't let his friends in Arkansas down and that he'll "try harder next time." This is like a concession speech at the Special Olympics. Bye, Wade. You're a winner!

House. Jennifer tells us that she thinks Sherri was very truthful; David says she was right on. Jennifer says that she was blown away, and that she's never blown away. Chris says that Jennifer is closed off, and Sherri agreed, and that much of it has to do with losing her ex-boyfriend. Sherri goes on that she lost her ex when she was eighteen, and that he died in a car accident, and that she felt a "release" when Sherri touched her. She thinks she'll be all right, now. ["Oh, for god's sake. What is this, an episode of The Others? Pas de fromage!" -- Sars]

Chris lies that he has a connection with Jennifer. David lies that he's grown so much over these few days. Chris says that it's a big bed for just two, as they get into it. Jennifer says that she doesn't know what she's going to do when the Locksmith shows up next, because the two guys "balance" her. Fast-motion infrared cam. David rubs on Jennifer, kisses her back, then turns away when she doesn't respond. That's the night.

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Chains of Love




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