Chains of Love

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Moron than off

Infrared cam. Dialogue. My other favorite part:

Kristian: I like you.
Jenny: Are you serious?
Kristian: I’m serious. I think it’s because of the challenge you’ve been giving me this whole time, it’s like all right…this girl makes me want her so bad because she puts up such a fight.
Jenny: I’m not trying to, though. I mean, it’s just me, I don’t know.

I have no comment. Commercials.

Morning. They wake up. Kristian lies, saying that Jenny is the girl he wants. Jenny tells us that he just needed to be alone without the other guys in order to soften up -- yeah, like with the babbling and the cigarette on the tongue and pouring booze on his face. You done changed your man, sister girl. They eat breakfast on the balcony, and Jenny asks how his tongue feels, and he says he can’t taste the bagel. MM slut-overs the rules from this point, and Kristian tells us that he’s never trusted anyone his is life because one can get hurt, and Jenny understands that it’s hard for him. Yes, I am speeding through this because I care even less than usual, they make me so mad.

Ritual room. She unlocked Kristian. Now it’s time for her to announce her decision to blah blee bleh. Jenny says that she’s very attracted to him, but last night he showed his true colors, and she didn’t like what she saw. So, no. She doesn’t want to pursue a whatever. MM asks how much money she’s giving him. Jenny says that she’s only giving him five hundred dollars. He takes it, his cold dead eyes wanting to cry. He walks out, voice-overing, “I was so much of a challenge that Jenny couldn’t handle me.” Jenny says she gave Kristian an opportunity and he failed. Kristian cries, “Jenny was a bad sport!” Oh, he’s crying now, when before he was toasting Adam getting no money. Us feeling sorry for you -- not going to happen.

Oddly, Kristian walks up some stairs and stares the Locksmith in the eye the whole time, all mad. I wish the Locksmith would push him backwards. Instead, he just puts him in the short bus and slams the door after him. Jenny says that Kristian is a chump. Kristian tells us that he was very close to ripping the money up in Jenny’s face and throwing it “on her shoes.” On her shoes? Uh, yeah, that would have shown her. Putting all dirty money on her shoes and shit. Fucking bad-ass is what that would have been right there. Jenny says that she played the game and will be laughing all the way to the bank. Kristian calls her a “greedy bitch.” Jenny starts neck-wiggling, saying that if that’s what Kristian thinks, at least she doesn’t have to see his “ugly face ever again. He doesn’t exist to me.” Now in the short bus, Kristian has lit his money on fire and is watching it burn. Then on the balcony of the house, Jenny girl-throws the necklace Kristian gave her away, saying, “Good riddance, Kristian.” What is happening, here? Man, this is like an episode of Jerry Springer all of a sudden with the trash-talking and the bad acting.

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Chains of Love




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