Chains of Love

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Sunset. Then night. The Music Of My Throbbing Earache plays as the kids sit down to dinner and toast getting to know each other. Jenny announces that they had the boys’ handwriting analyzed, and she’s going to read what the quack said. This show. Sucking hard. Adam, she reads, is highly creative and has a caring heart. Adam then says that he’s learned not to be afraid of showing emotion. Jenny then tells Slim, “You’re going to fry your brain with all the thinking you’re doing.” Yeah: “Should I put ketchup on my salad, or mustard? What to do? What to do?” Jenny starts reading, telling Slim that he had a hard childhood and has had to learn to rely on himself and that he has a façade. Slim tears up and talks and then starts to cry and then says he’s shaking. Slim tells us that everything the paper said was true and that it makes him “sick” that those four people learned that much about him. Kristian then tells us that Slim was about to cry “like some sort of baby or something.” Hee. He continues, “I mean, get over it.” Man, that’s funny shit.

The kids now get into the hot tub, and Jenny yells that it feels good. Slim shakes his ass, dancing. Adam says he wanted to run away from Slim’s ass-shaking but part of the strategy was to play along. Slim climbs on top of Adam and bumps his cock into Adam’s face. Lord. More dancing. Kristian then gets up and mocks Slim’s dancing, but badly. Adam dances reluctantly, and then Slim tries to make Chris dance, but he laughs to us, saying he didn’t want to. These people. Jenny says that Chris needs someone to take him out of his shell. No, please don’t bother.

Now Jenny reads what the boys wrote about her. Adam says shit about her smile and humble nature. Slim then grabs Kristian’s paper and mockingly reads what Kristian said about Jenny; Kristian is just worried about Slim reading what he said about Slim. Jenny then reads it: Kristian calls Slim a “deadbeat” and then says that with the tattooed arms and “gay contacts” he would bet that Slim would rather be chained to four guys. Man, that’s funny. Slim looks very mad. Jenny is all, “No he di’n’t!” Slim then tells us that he wanted to drown Kristian. Jenny then tells us that she felt bad, but her impressions of people have changed; Adam is still in the lead. Adam then tells us that he wants Jenny to be “wined and dined,” and now even he is starting to piss me off with his earnest crap.

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Chains of Love




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