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Free from the Chains

Natalie then says she was surprised and upset to get jilted. She gets into the short bus. John tells us that Natalie is wonderful and “sweet,” but not in the same place as him in life. Natalie says they had a great date and connected and she continues to delude herself, saying that if John knew she was into him, maybe he would have answered differently. Oh, that is “sweet.” She thinks John may have just been in it for the game. No! Perish the thought. John then lies, saying he hopes she understands and that it was not a game for him. Dude, she’s gone. You can lay off the bullshit now. You’re among friends.

The Locksmith stands on a cliff overlooking the ocean, wondering if he’ll ever work in this town again and thinking that maybe he can get into a Wilson-Phillips cover band as The Graphic Of Who Cares reads, “Days later, John invited Natalie over to apologize for cutting her loose. He apologized, they fooled around and he cut her loose again.” The card they leave off is, “You can now catch her dancing at Crazy Girls on La Brea and Sunset every weeknight from 8 PM 'til 2 AM."

And it’s over. Forgive me if I don’t stick around and shed a tear. I’m not a magician for godsakes.

Until next terrible show, people. Later!

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Chains of Love




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