Chains of Love

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As Latin as my Aunt Ethel

Oh lord. Tammy ain’t ready to go yet. She puts her hands on her face and drops to the ground, saying that she’s going to pass out. Everyone just looks at her. Finally she realizes no one cares, and she gets up and is led out by the Locksmith. Tomas and Jane laugh at Tammy, then hug. Jane says, “It’s not all that bad now, is it?” Man, Jane got to the end. Whore like a fox, that one.

Outside, Tammy, all distraught but really happy because the camera is still on her, gets into the short bus. She tells us that she doesn’t know what happened, and they were really physically attracted to each other but they just clash. Tomas says that just because there is chemistry doesn’t mean that two people are compatible. He’s sitting in the hot tub now with Jane, and they look like either a perfect hip urban “New Traditional” Christian couple, or like a commercial for the Hair Club For Men. Tammy says that Tomas wants a woman to always have the same views, and she doesn’t do that. Tomas says that he and Jane think the same things. Tammy tells us that Tomas has been hurt before and has “issues,” and they’ve made him end up with someone he “probably doesn’t want to be with.” Tammy offers to blow the cameraman if he’ll just keep filming her life, but he doesn’t, and Tammy disappears back into her life, into anonymity, into what obviously scares her the most.

House. Hot tub. Tomas said that Jane saw he was still emotional about the whole thing, and she hugged him, and “that felt good.” No, “those” felt good. About eight thousand dollars good.

The kids get into bed. Jane slut-overs that it feels good to be alone with Tomas, and she’s anxious and nervous to see what tomorrow brings. You know what ten minutes from now brings for me? Freedom. At least for a week. Goddamn. Tomas says that he doesn’t love her yet, but at least he’s open.

Infrared cam. Night. Dialogue:

Jane: I felt weird because I felt that you really wanted to pick her, you know?
Tomas: Sometimes what you think is good for you is really not.
Jane: Give me a hug.
Tomas: You want a hug?
Jane: Yeah.
Tomas: Okay.
Jane: I guess you’ve earned one.
Tomas: Really?

(Suddenly, Edward James Olmos and Jimmy Smits walk into the room and drag Tomas from the bed, holding a shiv to his neck.)

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Chains of Love




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