A Knight To Remember

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A Knight To Remember

The modern four return to Chez Raige through the portal. Raige surveys the debris that had been her studio. "I guess I won't be getting my security deposit back." The invitation to join the Manor Ps is extended once again. Raige, concerned that The Shrine Of Our Lady Of The Paisley Tit Sling is a permanent fixture in the house, wonders if she'll have to live in the basement. Piper smilingly allows that they have a room for her. Also, a closet full of slightly better, if somewhat used, clothing. Okay, not so much the last part, but I hope they have a sacrificial bonfire of The Horror, The Napkin, The Tights, and The Go-Go Boots before they allow Raige to move in.

Travelogue as night fades into day over the city. Over at the Manor, Raige has already moved into The Shrine Of Our Lady Of The Paisley Tit Sling. For now, it shall be rechristened The Boudoir Of Fashion Horror. Raige has changed since last we saw her, but now she's a seventies nightmare. Specifically, a nightmare from the bicentennial year, when young ladies of questionable sense clad themselves in red-white-and-blue concoctions similar to Raige's at the moment. Low-slung, hip-hugging blue jeans with the back pockets torn off, a wide white braided belt, and a tight-fitting, scoop-necked red t-shirt. At least the belt's not macramé. She tops it off with one of those floppy caps that back in the day would have been denim as well, in one of those stunning patchwork patterns, and if you were really hip you had the denim in the American flag pattern. This one appears to be yellow felt. What in hell did Rose McGowan do to deserve this sort of treatment at the hands of the costuming staff? She bounces over to the Boudoir door to invite Phoebe and Piper in for a look-see. Phoebe's wearing a stars-and-stripes bodice piece over pink pants. All Piper needs is a black leather jacket and cap, and she'd be a Hell's Angel. Eilish must be exacting revenge for some cast-wide transgression. The three "banter" about the altered decor for a bit; then Slampiece Glenn raps on the front door downstairs. Raige reveals that he invited her to join him in Australia, but she turned him down. Piper asks Raige if she's disappointed. Not really, she answers. After all, there will be adventures aplenty in Halliwell Manor, so who needs Australia? No comment. "Speaking of adventures," Raige starts, then crosses to the light switch. "Shall we?" "Hit it," Piper orders, and Raige flicks the switch. Crappy CGI Guy pours out of the lighting fixture on the wall. The three Ps, ladies of the Manor all, clasp hands to recite the following:

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