A Knight To Remember

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A Knight To Remember

Phoebe moans about her ass while Piper dejectedly tosses debris into the trash. Phoebe suggests that they schedule a vanquish with Raige. Piper dismisses this idea, as vanquishes are not to be scheduled. The solution as she sees it is to have Raige move into the Manor. Phoebe's agog. They sit at the table in the breakfast nook as Piper explains her reasoning. Not only would having Raige in the Manor be "practical," but Piper's also a bit annoyed that the Dolt has had to spend inordinate amounts of time in Raige's neck of the woods ensuring her safety. Having the three Ps under one roof would allow Piper to see a bit more of her husband. Phoebe wonders if they're all ready to live with each other. Piper snits that it's not the time to worry about trivial matters when "every demon out to impress The Source is attacking [them]." Phoebe explains that she meant "ready as sisters," not "ready as witches." No, I don't understand that one either. There's some tedious mourning over the late lamented before the scene finally ends.

Chez Raige. The alarm clock chatters. Raige wearily smacks it off, then announces, "Oh, my God. It's nine o'clock. I'm screwed." Unfortunate choice of words for a woman with a slampiece in her bed. Slampiece Glenn tells Raige to call the office and take a Sex Day. He's heading out of town the next day, it seems, and would appreciate the pleasure of her company. Raige snorts that Slampiece Glenn is always leaving town the next day, before rising regally from the bed with her mint-green sheets draped around her like a Balenciaga. Or, you know, the high-waisted green dress We Know It's Raige wore in the pre-credits sequence. She stops to regard the boxer-clad boy toy on the bed. "What?" she asks, noticing his condescending stare. "Nine to five isn't you, [Raige]," he states. "You have too adventurous a spirit." She natters something dismissive about him "dropping in between K2 and the Great Barrier Reef" and knowing of her so-called "adventurous spirit," but she's playful about it. Slampiece Glenn goes on about how Raige's life could be a fairy tale with a happy ending as she enters the bathroom to dress behind the door. She's just pulled an all-nighter sexfest with this guy, and she's heading into the office without showering? Skank. Ew. I mean, really. Not even a douche? That's disgusting. Anyway, Slampiece Glenn urges her to ditch her job entirely and head to Australia with him. She's twenty-five and she's still young and she has the rest of her life to be responsible. Whatever. I'm too busy being offended by her sense of personal hygiene. Or complete lack thereof, depending on how one chooses to put it. Raige eventually emerges from the can in a pink satin bra and a tiny wraparound red-and-black plaid skirt. I think it's a skirt. Given the size of the thing, it could just as easily be a napkin. She crosses to the bed with a blouse, telling the slampiece that her responsibilities have expanded of late to include the "stuff" she does with her newfound sisters. She pulls the blouse over her head, and wow. Ow.

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