A Witch In Time

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A witch in time...

Out on the balcony, The Rickety Railing Of Joy finally gives way, and Gonzo topples over the edge. He latches onto the wobbly support and screams for help. Unfortunately, Phoebe arrives in time to haul him back onto the ledge. God. Dammit! The Chinless Wonder stutters and stammers and demands that Phoebe leave his apartment. He's convinced something's after him, and he doesn't want to see her get hurt. Phoebe thick-headedly insists that she'll remain at his side until his current run of "bad luck" ends. Moron. Your sisters, your Whitelighter, and your demonic ex-husband are all telling you Death's after this guy, Gonzo himself is now agreeing with them, and yet you still refuse to let him go? You deserve an early grave. Cow. Phoebe hugs The Chinless Wonder and flips into a premonition not nearly as delightful as the previous three. Phoebe and Gonzo snooze on Gonzo's bed. They're clearly naked beneath the duvet. Shudder. Phoebe awakens to find Cole looming over them, rays of supposedly demonic light forming a halo around his unkempt head. Phoebe comes to and whispers, "Not again."

Manor. Up in the attic, Piper and Raige pedebitch towards the Book of Shadows as Future Bacarra blinks in, clutching another dagger. He smirks and advances a couple of steps before flipping the dagger end over end at Piper's head. She shrieks and freaks and freezes the thing in mid-air. Future B mumbles a bit more Craptin while wiggling a set of spirit fingers by his face. The dagger flips out of the freeze and plunges into Piper's shoulder. Piper flies backwards, demolishing a nearby table with her backside as Present B blinks in, toting a vial of bright green liquid. Raige yanks the dagger out of Piper's shoulder while screaming, "There's two of them!" Piper howls in agony as Present B mutters, "Teleportado." The dagger flares out of Raige's hand and rematerializes in Present B's own. As Present B carefully teases a clot of Piper's gore into his little vial, the percolating infant knits up Piper's wound while mending and dry-cleaning her skimpy satin blouse. After Piper's gore drizzles from the dagger into the vial, Present B guzzles the potion and edges over to the Book of Shadows. Initially, the Book flares up in protest, but it quickly calms down. Present B slams it shut and hugs it tightly to his chest. Future B sneers, "Don't worry. We'll take good care of it." The two Bs blink out as the onrushing commercials overwhelm a stunned Piper and Raige.

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