All Halliwells' Eve

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I Have A Feeling We're Not In Toto Anymore, Kansas

P3 After Dark. This week's product-placed guest artist performs, and I fast forward through their set. Phoebe passes through the throng in the club with a freshly-carved pumpkin, which she sets on the bar in front of an amused Piper, Prue, and Leo. Weekly summation time as the sisters process through the day's experiences. Prue asks Leo if TPTB know who the demon sent back in time to eradicate their entire family tree is, and Leo allows that if "They" know, "They're" not telling. Piper guesses it was the Restoration fop who was "hitting on" Phoebe at the Renaissance Faire. Phoebe grouses that not every man who expresses an interest in her wants her dead, and I stifle a snicker. A familiar-looking gentleman approaches the group and addresses Prue, noting he'd been watching her from across the bar, and he thought he'd try to get some. I mean, "introduce himself." "Micah?" asks the incredulous Prue. "Mitch, actually. Have we met?" "I was just going to ask you the same thing," she replies, and takes leave of the three to bond with Mitch over a couple of tequila slammers. Piper and Leo exchange a fond glance as Phoebe giggles in delight. Whatever. At that moment, Cole enters. Well, a jackass in a snow-white robe with five-foot feathery angel wings enters. Phoebe excuses herself and runs up behind him. He nearly knocks her head off with his right wing as he turns to greet her. I hope all of you are sitting down for this next bit. She thought she was getting stood up, he apologizes, noting he "lost track of time," and she admits she "got hung up" herself. Just wait. It gets worse. "So, you're an angel," she flirts, and he breaks into a toothy smile that proves to me that, in spite of the damage the wardrobe department attempts to inflict on his image, Julian McMahon will continue to hold a special place in my heart. "No. Not really," he replies, and she snuggles up close to him with "That's okay. Neither am I."

Next week on Charmed: Prue gets a stalker, and nobody believes her. Piper and Phoebe are so mean sometimes!

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