All Halliwells' Eve

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I Have A Feeling We're Not In Toto Anymore, Kansas

Charlotte's in a world of labor-induced pain as Prue and Piper burst into the bedchamber. Telling Charlotte they've been sent by Ava Exposition, they try to hustle Charlotte out of the house. Charlotte doesn't believe them, then screams out in pain. The Ps give her a crash course in Lamaze breathing that does no one any good, then Piper presses Charlotte's back in such a way that the pains from the contractions are greatly reduced. Charlotte asks Piper what she's done; Piper tells her "good magic," then hisses "acupressure" at Prue. As the two Ps gently ease Charlotte into sitting position, she lets out another mighty groan, and Prue notes with some distress that Charlotte's water has broken. Cut to a very dead Micah falling to the ground as Cole stands above him, bloody dagger in hand. Granny Caan urges Cole to check the house, and he replies the Ps are already in custody of Charlotte, but adds that he knows what they're going to do. He calls upon the members of the witch posse to follow him, and steps over the dead Micah. Cut to the clearing containing the witches' altar. Piper and Prue brusquely drag Charlotte along in an attempt to get her to Coven Cavern before nightfall. But Charlotte's ready to drop the kid right there, right now, and the four halt in the clearing as we cut away to commercial.

Clearing, night. Eleven o'clock, to be exact. As in, five hours after the previous scene. Is there a little bundle of joy nestling contentedly against Charlotte's bosom? Of course not. This is Charmed. The Ps huddle around the altar and stumble upon a method that might provide the "protected circle" in which Charlotte needs to give birth, just as the witch posse closes in. Five hours after the previous scene. Just wanted to point that out again. Anyway, Piper's given midwife duties, as the other two know she's going to have a little stranger herself at some point in the future. "I always get the messy jobs," she grunts, and stomps off to the prone and groaning Charlotte. Prue tells Phoebe to draw the circle while she works on the apples-and-laurel-leaves protection, as Cole and Granny Caan approach from a distance on horseback. Piper tells Charlotte to be as quiet as possible as Phoebe skitters around in a circle about them, tossing herbs this way and that. Just as the infant crowns, to the dismay of a panicked Piper, Prue and Phoebe grab the laureled apples and chant "knowledge and reverence" in unison. Well, it's not much, but it's better than the Hallmark cards they usually recite. Cole and Granny Caan watch from the sidelines, she wondering what he's waiting for, he revealing he wants to see "what they've learned." With the posse charging, Phoebe and Prue toss the apples to, presumably, the four points of the compass around them, and a blue circle flares up around the altar. The horses slam into the invisible obstacle and rear up, tossing their riders to the ground.

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