All Hell Breaks Loose

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All Hell Breaks Loose

Doctor Griffiths takes in this apparition from Hell and mutters, “Dear God.” [ablessingonyourhead–mazeltov!mazeltov!] Fruma-Shax swings his right arm around to throw what appears to be a violent energy shield at the Doc. Prue leaps to her feet and pushes the doctor out of the way. [toseeadaughterwed -- mazeltov!mazeltov!] As a result, she takes the shield right in the chest. The force of the blast sends her flying through the wall into the sun porch. Piper jumps up, calling her sister’s name. Fruma-Shax [andsuchason-in-law, likenooneeversaw ] flings another energy shield at Piper, hurling her bodily through what seems to be a retaining pillar. As I wait for [thetailormotelkamzoil] part of the second floor to crash down into the hall, the doc asks Fruma-Shax who he is. [motel?] Fruma-Shax mouth-breathes, “The End.” As Fruma-Shax prepares to give the good doctor a taste of what he gave the now-unconscious and bleeding Ps, Phoebe rushes down the stairs to the landing with a piece of notebook paper. She tries to speak above the roar of the wind, but I still missed part of the spell. “Evil wind that blows/That forms below,” she recites as Fruma-Shax raises his hands before his face. “No longer may you dwell/mumble mumble mumble takes you with this spell,” Phoebe finishes. Fruma-Shax wails as he flares up into a glowing white smear. The smear shoots backwards through the hallway and out the front doors. The doors slam shut of their own accord once Fruma-Shax has disappeared. Doctor Griffiths looks like he could use a cocktail right about now.

Phoebe darts down the remaining stairs past the doctor to check on her sisters. It doesn’t look good. Piper’s bleeding freely through her nose and mouth, and a pool of blood spreads slowly across the floor from Prue’s head. Alyssa the Diva’s all, “HA! Take that, you bitches!” Phoebe, meanwhile, mutters out, “Oh, God,” and starts screaming for the Dolt. He orbs in immediately and drops to one knee to apply that special Whitelighter tingly touch. The spilled blood oozes back into Prue and Piper’s bodies and they awake, groaning and wondering what happened. “You almost died,” the Dolt tells them. Piper doesn’t find this bit of information surprising in the least. Prue asks for the whereabouts of Fruma-Shax. Phoebe reveals that she recited the vanquish, but believes it merely “wounded him.” Prue supposes the spell might be a Power of Three. She drags herself to her feet, grunting a bit, and hauls Piper up after her. Prue and Piper will leave the manor to search of Fruma-Shax in the hope the two of them are strong enough together to vanquish him in his weakened state. Phoebe is to remain with Doctor Griffiths should Fruma-Shax return. Prue and Piper stagger off down the hall as the good doctor gapes in disbelief.

Outside, the two break into a trot. As they jog along, Prue notes that she doesn’t think Fruma-Shax went too far, as his primary target is still breathing. “Do you really think he’d attack us in broad daylight?” Piper asks. “Evil’s usually more insidious than that.” Prue hears a noise, and the two stop in the middle of the sidewalk, holding hands, as the Tornado of Fruma-Shax whips into view behind them. Quick switch to the DemonCam as the swirling cloud closes in on them. Fruma-Shax rematerializes and shoots another shield at the sisters. Prue TKs it back into him. Piper takes this opportunity to blow him up. Fruma-Shax does not, however, explode into black shards as the Freak and the Banshee did. After he has disappeared into a cloud of blue flame, Prue and Piper evaluate the situation. Prue finds it odd that they vanquished him without the spell. Piper hesitantly reminds her that they don’t always need spells to rid themselves of their enemies. Nervously, they glance around the apparently-empty street as Piper notes, “It’s lucky that nobody saw us.” Prue grabs Piper’s hand, and the two spin around to scurry back to the manor.

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