All Hell Breaks Loose

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All Hell Breaks Loose

Police station. Detective Darryl muscles a sullen perp into a chair. One of his superior officers confronts him. “Looks like all those rumors about you and the Halliwells are true.” Darryl turns his head to glance at the television in the office. KCSF apparently has the damn tape on a continuous loop. Darryl watches Piper “vanquishing” Fruma-Shax, then mutters, “Oh, no.” Cut to the manor kitchen. The portable TV on the counter’s tuned to Channel 8, and the screen is filled with a title card that screams, “Breaking News.” It must be a really slow news day in San Francisco. Prue enters, nattering something into her cell phone about having the good doctor contact her as soon as he can. She hangs up and tells Piper, “Doctor Griffiths is in surgery, so he’s safe for now.” Fruma-Shax apparently avoids operating theaters. Piper wonders how long they’re supposed to busy themselves with this one guy. Prue’s all, “Until the job gets done,” and tries to drag Piper out for more demon hunting. Piper thinks otherwise. She’s not moving until the Dolt returns with some relevant information. In the background, the announcer on the TV drones on about having “the original tape examined by experts.” Prue and Piper ignore this. The cordless in the kitchen rings. Prue leaps for it, hoping it’s the good doctor. It’s Darryl, and he’s babbling, apparently, because Prue has to tell him repeatedly to slow down. Cut back to the station house. Darryl tells her to turn on her damn TV, because “it’s all over the place.” Piper picks up the remote and cranks up the volume on the portable on the counter. She watches herself “vanquish” Fruma-Shax. “Oh. My. God.” Piper drops the remote. Prue drops the cordless. The two stare in gaping horror at the TV as Piranha Dominguez cuts in with a “special report.” “We are now approaching the home of where they allegedly live.” Way to do favors for the English language, you bird-brained chippie. Piranha leaps from her van to pose at the foot of the manor’s front steps. “Prue, Piper, and Phoebe Halliwell,” she enthuses. “And you’re gonna meet them live. Right here on KCSF.” Jimmy pans the camera up to take in the entire façade. Prue and Piper stand paralyzed at the island. Prue’s hands are clapped over her mouth. Piper breathes, “What are we going to do?” Why, cut to commercial, of course.

“Awww. Buster’s sleeping. Drink it when you wake up, little friend.” Heh.

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