All Hell Breaks Loose

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All Hell Breaks Loose

Oh, look at that. They listened to me for once. I told you this was a good episode. Doctor Griffiths emerges from the OR and crosses to the reception desk to take a call. Prue and Piper leap in behind him to drag him away. He makes a couple of flustered noises, but upon hearing that Fruma-Shax is still after his ass, he goes with them. Cut to the exterior of the hospital, which is revealed to be “San Francisco Memorial.” I have no idea if the location is significant, but I thought I’d mention it, as they went out of their way to include that information in the episode. The good doctor thought the Ps had gotten rid of Fruma-Shax. Prue is sorry to relate that that’s not the case. The three run down the front steps of the building to the SUV as the news van from KCSF sets up across the street. Jimmy plants his camera on his shoulder and aims it at the gals. Cut to the DemonCam as Fruma-Shax spins his wicked way towards the doctor. The demon flings the doctor to the ground but -- strangely -- does not kill him. He then menaces in the general direction of Piper and Prue. Prue quickly unfolds the piece of paper containing the vanquish, which she recites in unison with Piper. That word I missed because of Phoebe’s earlier mumbling was “death.” The last line reads, “Death takes you with this spell.” Fruma-Shax quivers and howls and bursts into a yellow and white explosion. “Now that was a vanquish,” Prue notes. An appreciative crowd applauds the impromptu fireworks display. Piper catches sight of Jimmy and Piranha Dominguez across the street. “Uh oh. News at eleven.” “That’s bad,” Prue agrees, and we cut away to commercial.

Back from the break, mayhem and madness at Halliwell manor. Freakish extras wave amateurish signs ranging from the sort of fundamentalist Christian condemnations one would expect at the unmasking of witches to pleas for Wiccan intervention in the lives of the unfortunate. That goddamned hippie stands on the roof of her Volkswagen bus, screeching some nonsense about how only she can understand the Halliwells. Like the cops wouldn’t have hauled her unwashed, addle-brained ass out of there by now. Indoors, Darryl enters the kitchen as he orders an underling via two-way radio to keep the crowds behind police lines. Prue can’t understand how the news crew knew to find them at San Francisco Memorial. Darryl guesses that “a reporter Lo/Jacked” the SUV. Piper, meanwhile, is leafing through a sheaf of faxes they’ve received since the story broke. Seems they’ve received interview requests from “Ted Koppel, Time magazine, [and] Jerry Springer,” among others. She’s surprised to see a request from Sports Illustrated. Darryl: “Yeah, they probably want you for the swimsuit edition.” Heh. Prue declares the situation to be “a nightmare,” and hollers for the Dolt. He doesn’t answer. She glances at the TV and finds another reason to bitch -- a very good reason, as it turns out. Doctor Griffiths has granted an exclusive interview to Piranha Dominguez. The banner across the bottom of the screen reads “Rescued by Witches,” as Griffiths expounds on vanquishing spells and demons and magic books and the like. He’s still in his scrubs, and he’s posed with one foot up on the fender of an ambulance in a manner that just screams “desperate fiftysomething divorcé in the throes of yet another mid-life crisis.” Piper orders Prue to change channels. Over on Channel 6, “Susie Johnson,” one of Prue’s high-school classmates, accuses Prue of casting “a spell to make [her] boyfriend break up with [her].” Susie finishes up with “Evil.” Hee! She totally looks like a Susie, too.

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