All Hell Breaks Loose

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All Hell Breaks Loose

Cavern. Cole enters with some very bad news. He has to squiggle Phoebe out of there pronto. Something awful is happening in the Realm of the Demonic. Something awful enough to require the presence of The Source. Phoebe hyperventilates a bit upon learning that The Source lurks somewhere in the Cavern. The Colethazor has no idea what’s going on, but he suggests that they not wait around to find out. The Dolt orbs in behind Phoebe at this moment. The Colethazor not unkindly wonders if the Dolt’s gone insane. “What are you doing here?” he demands. The Dolt fills them in on the recent developments topside, and asks Cole to summon Tempus. Cole can’t. Even if he wanted to help, he’s not strong enough to summon a demon like Tempus at will. Phoebe guesses that, be that as it may, Cole knows someone who could. Cole can’t believe what she’s suggesting he do. Does she really believe The Source would order Tempus to go to the aid of the Charmed Ones? The Dolt reminds him that, as a result of the botched vanquish of Fruma-Shax, the “demonic world has been exposed too.” The intervention of Tempus would be beneficial to both sides. The Dolt urges Cole to phrase the request so that The Source believes Cole has the best interests of the demonic brotherhood at heart. Cole thinks this over for a bit and decides that the whole idea is “suicide.” He caves in to their request anyway.

In another area of the Cavern, the Colethazor approaches a lunkhead clad in leather. The leather-clad lunkhead glares at him for a moment, then lets him pass. Cole enters The Source’s lair. Because I like this episode so much, I won’t make too big a deal about how stupid The Source looks with those huge, fake, red feathered wings stuck to his back. Do you remember how awful Cole looked in the Halloween episode when he showed up in angel drag at the end? Yeah, well, this is worse. And it doesn’t help matters much that The Source, when he speaks, sounds like a low-rent substitute for James Earl Jones. However, as I said, I like this episode too much to quibble about such matters. Anyway, back to the summit in progress. Aside from making it very clear that The Source and Cole are pretty much bitter enemies at this point, the new information boils down to the following: Tempus is still “too weak” from his recent defeat to comply easily with Cole’s request. However, The Source is willing to make a deal. If Phoebe joins the Forces of Evil, The Source will order Tempus to crank the clock back. The Colethazor doesn’t think Phoebe would be too keen on that idea. The Source thinks otherwise. Phoebe would do anything to save the life of one of her sisters, wouldn’t she? Dun-dun-DUN!

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