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BAH. Prue is staring at the alleged Monet through her non-prescription designer frames. Jack comes in. Prue tells him that Piper's okay. She just came into the office to address "a few suspicions." Prue: "We have to talk. Seriously. We can't keep fooling ourselves. This thing isn't real. I know it looks perfect from the outside, so it makes sense to just ignore the proof and pretend nothing's wrong." Tellingly, Jack immediately jumps to the conclusion that she's talking about their relationship. But -- get this! -- she's really talking about the painting. WHO KNEW? Prue doesn't believe that the painting is really Monet's work; it must be from one of the students in "his school." Jack: "So what? Let's just let it be. The world is made up of near-misses and necessary compromises. This is a little of both. I know how you feel. I'm just asking you to not look so close. Nothing bears up to that kind of scrutiny." Wait a second -- I don't think he's talking about that painting anymore. Neither does Prue. She asks him if he was blathering about the Monet. Jack: "Yeah, that too. Everything'll be fine." Prue looks uneasy.

P3AD. Seegler from the CDC storms in along with several lackeys in white contamination suits. He informs Piper and Phoebe that the nightclub is closed "until further notice." Piper makes a stink-face.

Hey, Tic-Tac lady! A few things: A) You did not invent that "hold your hand up to your mouth to smell your breath" thing, so stop bragging and looking smug. B) That "hand to mouth" thing doesn't work anyway, unless you want to know what your hand smells like at that moment. C) Tic-Tacs aren't all that expensive or unobtainable. I suggest that if you think your breath smells bad, just take one. D) Shut up. Be a "trendsetter" that way.

Hospital. A press conference is going on. Potsie shoots this using the shaky Homicide camera technique. I'd like to personally thank Sars for sending me that box of Maalox with the corporate Christmas gifts -- it came in handy at this moment. ["I'm shocked that you have any left." -- Sars] A reporter asks Seegler and Dr. W to confirm that a "nightclub named P3" has been shut down. I'm surprised that the reporter doesn't qualify the place as the "hottest/ hippest club in town!" but Seegler knows what she's talking about anyway. He confirms the news. I smell a lawsuit. Dan watches this on television and books out the door.

Quarantine Room. Phoebe is banging at the door: "Hello! Remember us?" Nurse Person comes up to the door -- of course she remembers Phoebe! Payback time. Phoebe's demand to "get the hell out of here" is ignored, and she is told that Dr. W will be talking to Phoebe and Piper in a moment. Piper complains that she feels "fine, no discussion." Phoebe thinks this is "ridiculous." Word. Unlike Piper, she's fitted her hospital gown in such a way that her breasts are accentuated. Just then, Prue is escorted into the room by the men in contamination suits. Prue's hospital gown has been strangely fitted to outline her figure, also. The Ps all bitch about the medical personnel taking samples of their blood. Piper whines about the club being "ruined." Prue informs the docile Ps that she overheard there are other patients at the hospital with mini-ninja-itis. Prue walks to the door and wonders if the doctors outside can hear them. Piper says no. Huh? Prue asks if any of them were able to sleep the night before. They all say no. Piper thinks this is the consequence of casting the "awakening" spell. Prue reminds them that the new outbreak is also "a consequence."

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