Be Careful What You Witch For

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Be Careful What You Witch For

Halliwell Manor. Sunroom. Piper and Phoebe embrace and weep. Leo and Frenie enter. Phoebe bolts up, holding Kleenex in both hands, and screams, "WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING HERE?" Leo suggests that they "hear him out; he has an idea." Frenie apologizes for his actions. All he wanted was his freedom. Cut to Alyssa and Holly Marie, their eyes all puffy and red. Real acting here, folks. Good for them. And us. Phoebe: "GET TO THE POINT!" Frenie suggests that he voluntarily return to the bottle, invalidating all of the granted wishes. Phoebe: "EVEN PRUE?" Frenie believes that she might be resurrected, since it was Prue Teen who got killed. Piper wonders if this is another trick. Leo thinks the plan is worth a try, because the Halliwells need the Power of Three to vanquish DW. French Stewart makes a million different mugging expressions while trying to convince the sisters that they have "nothing to lose." Pheebs plucks the lid off of the bottle/vase/urn thing. Frenie claps his hands and mists himself inside. Phoebe puts a lid on him. Thank god some one finally did. Piper asks The Flying Dunce to try to take off. She raises her arms, but she's grounded for good. The docile Ps and Leo bolt out of the room. In the kitchen, Prue Teen's body morphs into adult Prue. In the parlor, Old Dan morphs back into greasy-haired, cretinous young Dan.

Leo and Piper see that Dan's young again. They run into the kitchen, where Phoebe is crying and rocking Prue's body; she's still dead. Um, excuse me, but WHY did Piper and Leo run towards Dan instead of Prue to see if the wishes were reversed? I assumed that they all were going to run to Prue, since she was DEAD and NOT DAN and all. Weird. They come up with a brainstorm: get Frenie back out of his bottle and receive three wishes again. Phoebe: "All we need is one." Piper runs into the sunroom to rub the bottle.

Sunroom. Just then, my boyfriend smashes through the stained-glass window and knocks the bottle out of Piper's hands. Piper's knocked out. The bottle rolls under the wicker loveseat. Phoebe runs into the room. Dan enters also. Dragon Warlock breathes fire at him. Dan runs out with his inbred tail between his legs. HA! Phoebe kick-boxes DW. Leo grabs her out of the way of the flame breath. DW is thrown against a wall. Leo wonders where the bottle went. Phoebe remembers her premonition and dives under the loveseat while Leo distracts DW. Pheebs jacks off the bottle. Frenie appears. Phoebe: "I wish Prue were alive." Since there's two wishes left, Owen adds, "And wearing a bra. And I'd like a Snickers ice-cream bar, while you're up." Frenie snaps his fingers. Phoebe tells Piper to go check on Prue. Yeah, lazy Phoebe, order around your groggy older sister who was just hit in the head. Whatever. DW asks Frenie "where the hell [he] came from." Frenie: "That's where you came from." Oy, this dialogue! Piper and Prue enter from the kitchen and start to save the day by blathering, The Power of Three will set us free, The Power of Three will set us free, repeated ad nauseam. Phoebe joins them. I know this chant is supposed to be mystically powerful and all, but I can't help but picture the Halliwell sisters skipping rope to it. Dragon Warlock tries to fly away, but he's vanquished into a fireball. Sniffle. The Ps realize there's no one around to thank them effusively (natch).

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