Be Careful What You Witch For

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Be Careful What You Witch For

Gordon Manor. Piper walks up to the door, hoping that Dan will come over and thank them. Actually, he stands there in his wife-beater (no comment) and heavily oiled tresses and tells her that he "doesn't feel like talking." Woo hoo! Piper gets him to admit that he's reacting badly to the Halliwell family secret. He winces and whines that he "never imagined things like that ever existed." Then Greg shakes his head woefully for about seventeen minutes. Whatever. He tells Piper to go away, because he doesn't want to know anything more about her. Piper looks sad.

Halliwell Manor. Parlor. Debriefing session. Frenie tells the callous Ps and Leo that he was working for The Council. They're "scary dudes high up on the evil food chain." He believes they'll send someone else soon to go after the witches. Prue: "We're doing something right, getting their attention." Phoebe thinks that she's finally found the "cosmic order" she was blathering about earlier. Frenie reminds them that they have two wishes left since mine didn't take. Phoebe declares herself to be a "reformed wishaholic." She doesn't want any new powers. Prue notes that her power was the one that saved the day anyway. Phoebe Lesson-of-the-Days her need to "control it better." Which cues Prue to LotD: "And I need to concentrate on finding Mr. Right, not settling for . . . Dick." She grins like she said something especially witty. Everyone gets a tittering reaction shot.

Sidebar. Note what Prue just said, and everything we've seen during the last two seasons of this show. Now here's a quote from Shannen, taken from that recent EW interview again, when asked to explain what Charmed is all about: "It's a show about three very strong young women who aren't constantly looking for a man to fulfill their lives [emphasis added]." Shannen, honey, you're not going to win back the press by LYING TO THEM. Just a thought.

Anyway, since the callous Ps are through addressing their needs, we move on to Frenie. Prue makes a big point out of her gracious gesture to use one of the wishes to make him human. Piper enters the room and asks for the other remaining wish. She wants Dan "to have peace of mind about all of the horrible things that happened in the last few days. To truly move on with his life, without consequences." Yeah, I guess wishing Dan off the show is much better than my Snickers ice-cream bar request. Let's go with that one. Frenie makes both wishes so. As Frenie stumbles out of Halliwell Manor a free man, Piper goes out on the porch to see a "SOLD" sign on Gordon Manor. Dan is outside, fetching the paper. Piper waves at him. He reluctantly waves back at her. Thank god Greg's contract is up. Piper gets an assurance from the departing Frenie that there will be "no tricks" emanating from the granting of the wishes. Phew.

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