Be Careful What You Witch For

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Be Careful What You Witch For

Foyer. Piper re-enters. The callous Ps, holding hands and sporting halter tops with interesting geometric designs, are standing there with Leo. He's suddenly paged by God. Piper tells him, "Not so fast." She wants to go with him, to learn more about him. She demands, "Take me to your leader," as they embrace and prepare to orb off together. Phoebe gapes and stutters out Piper's name. Piper assures the callous Ps that she'll be back. She and Leo blue-light out of there for the summer. Phoebe and Prue try to convince themselves not to worry, although, considering Piper's recent grousing about the witchcraft gig, any fears that Piper might spin off and stop taking care of them full-time would be perfectly reasonable. Then we see a shot of Prue TKing the door shut, just like she did at the end of the series pilot. Which I think is fitting, because this episode is another milestone, perhaps marking the official start of the Shannen-centric era on this show. This year, Shannen seems to have altered her character so much that she's no longer playing a separate entity called Prue anymore. I mean, think about it. Her outré second season wardrobe. The storyline where she took on tabloid reporting. And Prue quitting Buckland's Auction House to become a photographer, right around the time that Shannen suddenly expresses interest in directing. I'm just throwing that out there. We'll see if I'm right next fall.

Have a great summer! As I said earlier, there will continue to be new Charmed content on the site during the break. If you haven't subscribed to the new mailing list since the old one got vanquished, please do so. And thank you SO MUCH for all of the support this year. End.

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