Be Careful What You Witch For

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Be Careful What You Witch For

Halliwell Manor. Attic. Phoebe's lonely synapse has finally kicked in, and she's decided to take a load off her ankle by sitting in an armchair while perusing the BoS. Frenie mists into the room. Phoebe informs Frenie that she's found out that the Ps can get rid of him if they get him back into his bottle. Then Pheebs allows him to massage her ankle, because this is the part of most every episode where the geeky, nether-worldly being flirts with her and she inexplicably flirts back. Since Frenie makes her moan and go all Herbal Essences, she softens towards him and wonders what his wish would be. He wants to be human. Gee, none of us saw that coming down the interstate while taking up all six lanes, now did we? Noting her hurt foot, Frenie suggests that she wish for an active, "real" power. Phoebe admits, "I would love an active power, but what can you do?" Frenie gleefully announces that she just made a wish. Um, NOT! I don't think that expressing a preference for something counts as willfully requesting that it become yours. WHATEVER! Frenie knows just where he can "steal" a power and give it to Pheebs. The dog collar around his neck disappears and he hollers, "I'M FREE!" He mists off. Phoebe, dumbfounded: "Then where's my power? Hello!"

Halliwell Manor. Out front. Piper's SUV pulls up. Dan is talking to a realtor in front of Gordon Manor. Piper walks over and asks him what's the big. He's accepted a job offer in Portland so he can "move on" with his life. Then he blows her off. Instead of being overjoyed, Piper tells Leo that she thinks "something's not right." Then Prue's BMW screeches to a halt next to the SUV. Prue Teen, who's now sporting freckles, bangs, and braces (I'm surprised Wardrobe didn't add footie pajamas and a Barbie) emerges from the convertible. She greets Piper, and enthusiastically notes the "cool ride" the restaurant parking valet gave her. She spies Leo and asks, "Who's the cute boy?" Um, Brian Krause looks like he hasn't seen boyhood since Nixon left office, but -- heh. Instead, Prue Teen harshes on Piper for looking "kinda old." Before Piper's bitch can warm up, the three of them hear Phoebe wailing from inside the house.

Attic. Phoebe is waving her arms frantically while dangling near the ceiling on fishing line like a community-college-production Peter Pan. Piper and Leo gape. Prue Teen giggles.

So we should see Shanghai Noon because it's "funnier than Rush Hour"? Sorry, I've seen orphanage fires that were funnier than that flick.

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