Be Careful What You Witch For

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Be Careful What You Witch For

Halliwell Manor. Attic. Leo helps Pheebs down to the floor. Prue Teen exclaims, "That is SO TOTALLY COOL! Do I get that power when I'm older, too?" The hell? The Halliwells allegedly didn't know about their supernatural gifts until two years ago when all of them were in their twenties. Whatever! Piper ignores this and tells PT that the docile Ps aren't old, just "older than you for some reason." Phoebe asks Prue Teen's age. Prue Teen: "Seventeen." Piper remembers that "Prue was a nightmare" at that age. Why would she wish for that? Leo, ever the fount of exposition, suggests that Prue probably wanted to obtain something she could only get by being that age. And that's why she has "no memory of being older." Which makes no sense considering her earlier comment in this scene, but again, whatever. Phoebe, exasperated at this development, starts flapping her arms around while gesticulating, and Leo has to hold her down on the ground. Heh. Then he brings up an important point: Since Prue Teen doesn't have her telekinesis yet, the other Halliwells are vulnerable now without the Power of Three. Prue Teen spies the BoS, deems it "totally bitchin'" and starts tearing through the pages. Piper tries to slap her hands away, as we get it -- Prue Teen is a brat. Funny how this season is coming full circle with this re-visitation by Jenny Gordon. I hope she's exorcised from Prue real soon.

Foyer. The Dragon Warlock storms in, demanding his "power of flight" back from Phoebe. Pheebs wonders what's the sitch. She and Piper head downstairs to investigate. Leo and Prue Teen follow. Prue Teen spies DW from the stairwell and shouts, "Oh my God! He's a HOTTIE!" Word. And hands off, girlie. Leo takes PT upstairs. DW breathes a stream of fire straight towards the docile Ps. Piper freezes him. They move out of the line of fire. Piper notes that they're unable to vanquish him. Phoebe suggests "flying him out" and "dumping" him. She flaps her arms and grabs him. Cut to outside the manor. The Flying Dunce, holding DW in one hand, zooms out of the manor. The fire breath unfreezes and scorches the wall. Piper moans at the damage, then looks concerned in the direction of Phoebe's vapor.

Sky. The Flying Dunce appears in front of the blue screen, holding Dragon Warlock in one of her fists. Whatever! I know he's a fire-breathing demon and all, but did you see those eyes? Hold him closer! The Flying Dunce zooms above a park and dumps DW in the brush. He get up and curses at her. Shannen forgot to have him shake his fist in fury. I bet that was cut due to running time.

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