Be Careful What You Witch For

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Be Careful What You Witch For

Attic. Leo tells Piper, who's thumbing through the BoS, that Prue Teen is in her bedroom, "checking out clothes." Piper's found information on DW in the BoS. While she expositions, The Flying Dunce zooms past the window, calling out to them as they remain oblivious. The gag falls flat. Oh, why couldn't Phoebe also? Just then, Pheebs crashes through a window and skids in for a landing on a floor rug. Her hair has been ratted up to Jesus. She's found "landing" to be "a bitch." Piper asks Leo how they can "fix this." Pheebs tells them that they have to get Frenie back into his bottle. Leo wonders where to find him. Phoebe suggests that he went back to the café where Prue lunched, since it wouldn't make sense for him to show up on either the nightclub or manor sets, and Aaron Spelling's too cheap to have built another one for this ep.

Restaurant. Frenie is pigging out at the table. Piper and Leo accost him. Piper declares that she's "PISSED OFF!" because Frenie stole Phoebe's new power from the Dragon Warlock, and now he's gunning for the Halliwells. Frenie calls Piper a "killjoy" and suddenly disappears in a cloud of black smoke before he can be dragged back to the manor. Leo concludes that since "free genies have no powers," Frenie must have been summoned by someone else.

The Council. Frenie gets busted for going free and for stealing DW's power. That Council guy is still, ahem, stroking his -- titter, titter -- flesh-colored snake. Frenie channels Aspen Jack again and prattles about having a "master plan" that "Puff screwed up." The wishes caused Prue to lose her power. DW should go after her instead of the potent witches, since she's now vulnerable.

Halliwell Manor. Prue's room. Prue Teen is decked out in some of her older self's corporate hussywear from her Buckland's days: a tight black lace camisole tee, a gray mini slit up to her armpit, and cowboy boots. She finds a wad of cash in her billfold, grabs it, and climbs out the window to look for trouble.

Foyer. Phoebe's on the phone with Darryl "Sheriff Low Blow" Morris. He informs Pheebs that the deputy mayor's wife contacted the police with a sighting of the Flying Dunce. Hey, this sounds like the Gladys Crabitz type character this show really needs; can they add her to the cast and put her on camera next season? Phoebe makes another smooshy-mouth face and jokes about flying "with a broomstick." Darryl: "This isn't funny." Word. Phoebe apologizes and promises she won't do it again. Unfortunately, I think she means flying and not attempting humor. Pheebs hangs up as Piper and Leo enter the manor. Phoebe complains that Prue Teen has been "a pain." Piper expositions to Leo that when Prue was that age, she rebelled against everything and fell in love with a guy who ultimately attacked her. Hmm, sound like anything you fell into this season, Piper? Before that issue can be explored, the doorbell rings.

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