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...and into the Casa, where the demonic middle management team awaits his arrival. He gives them the bullet on Raige, and orders them to have their minions "exterminate the vampires." Kill the queen, kill them all, et cetera. There's a glaring hair continuity error here, by the way. For some reason, The Sole's 'do in this scene resembles a black plastic cap fused to his head. Maybe blazing from place to place melts the gel. Keats, needless to say, tries to question the wisdom of The Sole's plan. The Source, as is his wont, threatens him with immolation. Keats backs down. The Sole reminds them that his wicked bride is stomping around the cemeteries of San Francisco at the moment, and promises a one-way ticket to Hell for anyone who harms her. The various dark demonic forces blink and smoke and evaporate out of the room, leaving The Sole alone with Belinda and Keats. The Sole and Keats glare at each other for a moment before Keats squiggles away. Belinda approaches her boss, wondering if he intends to allow Raige to die with King Lizzie. The Sole gives her a cryptic non-response.

Sodom, Vampire Lesbian Division. Lizzie snacks on a random twentysomething, then wrinkles her nose and licks her lips in disgust at the taste. Never eat a vegan, Lizzie. Though, of course, the fact that her victim is male might have something to do with the absence of dining pleasure in this particular instance. Sam clears his throat and apologizes for interrupting Lizzie during her meal. Lizzie swivels away from the corpse and eagerly asks, "Is she here?" Sam smiles and allows Raige entrance to the chamber. "She's purrrr-fect," Lizzie growls as she crosses to Raige's side. They've foofed out Rose McGowan's hair to give it more body, and she's sporting her trademark Jungle Red lipstick for this scene. For once, her pale complexion makes sense within the context of the story, and I have to admit, she looks pretty good. Lizzie invades Raige's personal space, asking her if she's hungry. Heh. Of course she's hungry, Liz. She's an actress. I start snickering when Raige admits she's "famished." Yeah, we can tell. Someone feed this girl a cheeseburger already. The strumpets wander into the chamber with strips of crimson satin, with which I'm certain they're meant to fashion some sort of vampire lesbian slutwear for Raige. Lizzie, meanwhile, instructs Raige to return to Piper and Phoebe to convert them as well. Once Raige has tasted their blood, her own transformation will be complete. As an added bonus, the vampires will then have the full Power of Three on their side. Sam smirks that Lizzie's plan smacks of "genius." Raige, however, hesitates. She knows how powerful her sisters are. How could she possibly convert them on her own? "My dear," coos Lizzie. "Look around you. That's what families are for!" Raige kneels before Lizzie to kiss her ring. The camera cuts away before we see her kissing anything else.

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