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Is That All There Is To Utopia? Is That All There Is?

...Straight Estates. Raige gazes solemnly at the artifacts of Brody's life before crossing to retrieve the unusually evocative snow globe from a desk near the front windows. She raises it up into the light and shakes it gently as she whispers, "Bye." "Hello, [Raige]," Brody smooves from the kitchenette. Oh, bloody hell. I knew about this from spoilers, but I'd entirely forgotten about it by the time this scene rolled around. The ever-useless Elders, to reward for him for sacrificing his life in the battle against the Avatars, have made Brody a Whitelighter. To his credit, he seems to believe he's unworthy of the honor given the "mess" he made of his life, but considering some the many, many losers, whiners, bitches, and Dolts the stupid Elders have promoted into the position in the past, I'm sure he'll fit right in. "You didn't make a mess out of it," Raige fondly assures him as she reaches up to stroke his cheek. "Got a little crazy there at the end," he smiles. Again: Shout-out? "A little," Raige allows, tearing up, "but you did save the world." "Hence the reward," he shrugs, modestly averting his eyes. He then goes on about Destiny and whatnot, which gives a weeping Raige an opening to wonder if it really is their Destiny "to lose each other." "Who says we're not gonna meet again?" he softly retorts before drawing her close to kiss her forehead. I do, you tool, because you're contract is up on this show, and this is your last goddamned episode. We will never you again, do you hear me? NEVER!

Ahem. Before he orbs out for good, Brody entrusts his unusually evocative snow globe to Raige's care, and as she crosses to lift it into the light one more time, we finally fade to black.

Next week's the Super Bowl, so the WB's burning off some crap reruns of Summerland instead of airing a new episode. TNT, however, is having a Charmed mini-marathon, so if you quite simply cannot let a Sunday pass without inviting these dimwits into your home, surf on up to catch "Something Wicca This Way Comes," "That '70s Episode," "Love's A Witch," "The Power Of Three Blondes," "Lucky Charmed," "Prince Charmed," "Secrets And Guys," "She's A Man, Baby, A Man!," and "Centennial Charmed," starting at 2 PM Eastern. See you back here on February 13th, when slumming pretty boy Billy Zane roars into town with a motorcycle and a really crappy wig. No, I am not kidding with that. Have fun!

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