Charmed Again, Part I

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Charmed Again, Part The First

Cross-fade to one of those completely fake "through the binoculars" shots of a rooftop helipad matching Phoebe's description. From a vacant office across the way, Phoebe herself scans the scene for signs of life. Cole appears behind her with a product-placed Starbucks travel mug. Phoebe wonders if they shouldn't try another location. Cole thinks she should go with her first instinct. Phoebe frets that her first instinct might get Rose killed. Cole wraps his arms around her waist, reminding her that some innocents are lost and some demons go unvanquished. Phoebe's not having that sort of crazy talk. Cole suggests that the two "drop off the face of the earth someplace." An unnaturally shiny Phoebe smirks and says, "Don't tempt me." They nuzzle a bit and natter on about the tiresome, tedious, and terribly old subject of their "forbidden" "love." Cole worries that the Source will dust his tantalizing ass and in the process injure Phoebe. Phoebe insists that she will not lose her boyfriend as well as her sister. Thankfully, this line of discussion ends when Rose and Shane emerge from the stairwell opposite onto the helipad. Phoebe wants to take immediate action, but Cole counsels a wait-and-see approach. The emphasis, we shall learn, is on the "see," as Cole is soon to be revealed as a pervy voyeur. How could you not love this guy?

Rose dances out onto the helipad, arms raised to celebrate the view. She's wearing a high-necked, sleeveless burgundy dress, which is really quite flattering. What ruins it is the furry, wide-lapelled, mutton-sleeved, orange jacket she wears over it. Hideous. Absolutely hideous. Eilish apparently will not stop until the last Muppet lies dead and skinned to make outerwear. Shane's too busy being attracted to Paige's "free-spirited aura" to notice, though. Plus, he's presumably straight, so why would he notice her jacket anyway? He himself looks much better in this sequence than he did in the one immediately prior. The hair and make-up people are pulling that dewy, long-of-lash, rosy-of-lip thing on him, and it's working like, well, like a charm, actually. Oh, zip it, you. Anyway, starlight makes Rose horny, and Shane's all about horny. So they mack, with Shane nibbling eagerly on Rose's pale neck. Meanwhile, back at the illegally-occupied office, Pervy Cole bounces eagerly on the balls of his feet as he takes in the scene across the way. Phoebe asks him if he has any ideas, to which he cheekily replies, "A couple." Rroawr. Phoebe bats him in the chest. Snerk. "I mean, what should we do now?" she asks. "We can't just keep watching." Cole agrees as he takes the binoculars from her hand for a closer look. Hee! She covers the lenses with her hand and pushes him away from the window as we cut back to the Helipad of Fornication.

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