Charmed Again, Part I

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Charmed Again, Part The First

The triquatra embossed on the cover glows up red and gold, and the Invisible Spectral Presence of Grams flips the Book open to the last page Piper had been using. The shot pulls in tight on the "To Call a Lost Witch" bit, then cuts to Rose McGowan, perched in an office cubicle, attired in a high-necked lace blouse that is nearly as white as her skin. Why is Rose working at four o'clock in the morning? Don't bother asking, because you won't get an answer that makes sense. If you want a plausible explanation, I'll give you one. Piper's middle-of-the-night spell took a little while to work, much as Phoebe's did in the series premiere. Rose's cubicle is a bit cluttered, and she has one of those Garfields with sucker paws mashed up against one of the clear panels that surround her on three sides. Strike one against Rose. The camera circles around, catching her through the clear panels as she pulls herself closer to her monitor. "Printing," she calls out over her shoulder, as we discover she also has a soft spot for bonsai and paisley shawls. A scented candle she has lit over her monitor "mysteriously" snuffs out of its own accord. Rose pulls a "Whuh?" face at that, then chooses to ignore it. As she rises and turns to head over to the printer, a none-too-subtle Swirling Cloud Of Glowing Golf Balls appears in the air behind her back. The cloud drops a section of the newspaper to the floor, then disappears. Rose starts a bit at the rustling sound of newsprint and retrieves the section from the floor. It's none-too-subtly open to the obituaries. Prue's death notice is rather prominently placed above the fold as a full-on news item. This, of course, makes no sense, as she was an obscure freelance photographer and not a prominent member of either San Francisco society or the business community. Say it with me: Whatever.

Rose scans the obit as a voice in the background answers a phone with "Bay Area Social Services." For those of you interested in such details, Prue's date of birth is given as "October 28, 1970" and her date of death is noted as "Thursday." The other details contained in the text, such as relatives and education and whatnot, are already known. Rose's tubby, bald boss stomps out of his office in the background, bellowing, "Paige! Have you found that study yet?" Paige -- for that indeed is Rose's unfortunate name in the show -- absent-mindedly replies, "It's in the printer," as she grabs a hideous ruffled white jacket from a post. "I've gotta go," she announces, and flounces out of the office. "Go? Go where?" her boss shouts indignantly at her back. She doesn't respond, and the shot cuts to her denim-skirted ass jiggling towards the door as her boss repeatedly yowls, "Paige! Paige!" Said jiggly ass is so fired.

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