Charmed Again, Part I

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Charmed Again, Part The First

Manor. A depressingly somber wake is in progress. They need to take a page from my family and kick this thing into gear with a couple of beers and several inappropriate-yet-hysterical tales of the dearly departed. Phoebe skitters about, trying to be helpful by passing out plates to those who neither need nor want them. We're also told via an awkwardly-placed super that Elimidate Deluxe premieres next week. Wonder how long it's going to take that show to stagger into a programming coffin. Phoebe crosses from the sun porch to the hall to tell Cole and the Dolt, "I don't see her anywhere." The Dolt: "Who?" Phoebe: "Duh, you jackass. The girl from my premonition." Guess which part of that line was actually scripted and shot. The Dolt leads Phoebe away from eavesdropping funeral guests as Cole asks if she's certain she didn't recognize Rose. She babbles something about finding Rose before nightfall as she crosses yet again to yet another table to play with more dinnerware. "Honey," says Cole as he trails behind, "what are you doing?" "Cleaning" is the response. "You hate cleaning," he reminds her. She asserts it's cleaning or a nervous breakdown, and which would he prefer? The Dolt urges her to focus on Rose. Phoebe complies, releasing more details about the rooftop from the premonition. It contains a helipad, she notes, though the building itself is not as tall as the surrounding structures in the area.

Piper chooses this moment to ask them if they've all lost their freaking minds. "You can't defeat Shax," she tells them. "Not without the Power of Three." Phoebe reminds Piper that she and Prue managed the vanquish on their own. Piper blithers about how that only happened because Prue was the strongest and without her it's suicide and she doesn't give a rat's ass about innocents and demons anymore and The Powers That Be can take their damned notion of destiny and fate and the Charmed Ones and whatnot and cram it and her voice is rising and the Dolt tries to calm her down and she's not having it and she tells him to go screw himself, and then she clomps upstairs. Phoebe instructs the Dolt to let her go, and returns to the matter at hand. She's determined to protect Rose, especially because Rose is threatened by the same force that killed Prue. Cole wonders aloud how she plans to accomplish this. Phoebe supposes that a witch and a demon working in concert just might be enough to get the job done. "Interested?" she asks him. He smirks a bit and decides her idea is "better than sitting around here waiting for another" -- say it with him -- "bounty hunter to attack."

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