Charmed Again, Part II

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Charmed Again, Part The Second

Cleansing Burst Of Synchronicity, as the Gang of Four swings into the parking lot at that moment in the Halliwell SUV. They spot Rose quickly, and through the "enchanted" sunglasses, Phoebe espies what she describes as "a black aura" twisting around Rose's body. They run to her side, attempting to talk her down. Her response is to intone lethally, "He's evil. He's hurting his child." Piper pushes her into the arms of the Dolt, ordering him to orb her back to the Manor. He does so. Jake's agonies halt immediately. Cole corrals the gals into the SUV as Jake rises to his feet. His first words to his wife are, "I'm not covering for you anymore, Carol. You keep your hands off our son." DUN! See what they did there? I mean the bit about setting Jake up as the beater when it was really Carol, not the implication that it would have been perfectly acceptable for Rose to yank the bloody, beating heart out of an actual criminal. Over at the car, Cole volunteers to remain at the SOUTH BAY SOCIAL SERVICES center to ensure that The Source doesn't follow them back to the Manor, and no, this doesn't make sense at all given that The Source already knows where they live and can blaze on over any time he gets the urge, but we really do just have to go with this shit, because otherwise I'll never get this damn recap done. Meanwhile, The Shource emerges from the office building all "Curses, foiled again" until he picks up the Colethazor's scent. Grinning like Anthony Perkins at the end of Psycho, he zips his way over to lurk right behind Cole, then blazes out just as Cole turns to look at him. Cole determines The Shource's new location and squiggles on over, right into a trap. As he approaches The Shource from behind, The Shource whips around to drive a two-foot blade through Cole's stomach. Cole drops to his knees. They always drop to their damn knees. I wonder what the kneepad budget is on this show. I wonder how much of that is spent on Alyssa, if you know what I mean, and I think you do. Ba-dump-bump. Anyway, The Shource waves a glowy hand around Cole's shoulder, presumably to ensure a lingering death from a wound so severe. The Shource, you see, wants Phoebe to witness Cole's dying breath so that she can feel the pain of losing a loved one twice in one week. Whatever. The Shource stalks away from Cole, calling for the Bint to locate Rose "one last time" before blazing his way into the commercial break.

Manor hall. Phoebe and Piper come a-clomping through the front door to find Zombie Rose using her newfound power to throw various sharp and/or blunt objects at the Dolt. Atta girl. The one detail that bugs is that she must say the name of the object first. This is going to get very tiresome, very fast, so I do hope said detail disappears quickly. Zombie Rose is convinced she's evil. The three are forced to wrestle her to the ground, where Phoebe and the Dolt hold her as Piper runs towards the stairs to pull an exorcism from the BoS. Before she hits the first set of steps, the lights throughout the Manor darken for a brief moment, heralding the arrival of The Shource. The beetle eyes roll into place, and he TKs Piper up a flight of stairs through the balustrade. He shoots another laser at Phoebe, but she levitates above it and moves to kick him in the head. He blazes out of her way, and she ends up vanquishing a cabinet, which then falls on her. From the landing, Piper blows The Shource up, but it's merely a temporary measure to allow them to regroup, as The Shource quickly reconstitutes himself. The Shource compliments the gals on the strength of their powers, but wonders if "they're enough, without the Power of Three." Hearing her boy toy speak in such manner puts Rose on edge, so The Shource switches into Shane's register, promising her eternal safety if she leaves the manor with him. Piper claims he's lying, and the Dolt reminds The Shource that Rose is still within the Mythological Forty-Eight-Hour Window Of Brad Kern Yanking This Out Of His Ass. The Shource counters that Rose has already chosen. To prove this, he begins to blaze into the forms of various other people from her life, each of them reminding her of the power she now possesses to exact revenge on all those she perceives to be evildoers. The last form The Shource takes is that of the child at the center of the abuse case, and I have to admit I'd be smacking the smug little bastard around myself. Rose, for some reason, is mesmerized by the sight of her boyfriend shape-shifting into her boss, a client, and an abused child, and takes the little blond monster's hand to be led down to Hell. Phoebe attempts to intervene. The beetle eyes flip into the little monster's head, and he sends Phoebe into the air, where she's suspended by a whirling coil of electrical energy. Rose takes one look at Phoebe's anguish and knocks the little blond monster to the floor.

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