Charmed Again, Part II

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Charmed Again, Part The Second

Darryl asks Cole for the Mummy's current location. Cole tells them all not to worry, as he's set the Mummy in "a place where he can't tell a soul what he saw." The Dolt cautiously asks, "Where'd you put him?" Cole shoots a quick glance down at the floor and shrugs. Feebs, bright of tone but not of brain: "In the basement?" Piper, clenched: "I think he means a little bit further down than that." Darryl blows a gasket, spluttering demands for explanations and so forth. Phoebe ushers him out the front door, telling him the Gang of Four will take care of everything. Piper turns to the Dolt to suggest that he "reason with" the Mummy. The hope continues to be that they can convince him to remain silent on the topic of the events of the previous evening. Cole frets for a moment about the possibility the Mummy will "expose" the sisters, which is misguided. If the unnecessary exposure of Piper and Phoebe concerns him, he should go after the costume designer. Anyway, Cole picked up on something else during his little visit to Hell. He heard gargoyles. Seems the carved beasties we see on cathedrals and such are normally in "a resting stage." When triple-E Eeevil threatens, however, they reanimate to warn of its presence. Cole supposes the howls of the gargoyles mean that The Source has "surfaced." They quickly deduce that The Source is after Rose. The Dolt still can't sense Rose's whereabouts, as she is new to the, uh, craft, or whatever, so the four must rely on the details Finola provided during her last visit in order to locate the new sister.

Cut to an apartment building on "Portero Avenue." There's no Portero Avenue in San Francisco. I checked. I think they just recycled the street sign from last season. Up in Chez Rose, The Shource regards Rose's pet parakeet, who does not appreciate the attention. At all. Rose natters at the bird for a bit, trying to calm it down, then turns to gather her belongings before heading out to her office. The Shource gives the parakeet one last dirty look, then asks, "So aren't you going to tell me what happened last night?" Rose nervously dismisses it all as "nothing." The Shource, whose bangs have been gelled straight up into the air for some reason, crosses to her, slyly trying to pry the details out of her. "Let me put it this way," Rose replies, "when I told you I wanted to find out who I was, I didn't want to find out I was a freak. Can we just talk about this later?" The Shource tries a different approach. "Hey," he slimes, "I never got a chance to thank you for taking such good care of me." Going by his tone of voice, that statement should have a "babe" tacked on the end. They move in to kiss each other, but the parakeet flutters out a warning. The Shource gets the exact same look of irritated enmity in his eyes that I do whenever I encounter pets and small children. "Oscar!" Rose chides, but the bird isn't having it. Rose assures The Shource that they can pick up where they left off when she returns from work that evening. As she rises to cross to the door, he waves his right hand behind her back. The hand glows, and from that, we are to assume he's just "read" her "soul." "I know how much you want to be at that placement hearing," he notes. Rose stops dead in her tracks. "How do you know about that?" she asks. He covers by inventing a conversation they never had. "A little boy, abusive dad" go the details. "You said nothing gets under your skin more than that." Rose clearly doesn't remember the discussion, but as the specifics are spot-on, she just nods her head in agreement. She invites The Shource to join her for lunch, and tells him to make himself at home in her apartment. He agrees to meet that afternoon. Once she's left, he turns to stalk over to the parakeet. The beetle eyes flip into place, and the parakeet vanishes in a veil of flame. Smell ya later, Oscar. With the bird's perch still smoldering, The Shource blazes out of the apartment.

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