Charmed Again, Part II

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Charmed Again, Part The Second

Meanwhile, down in Hell, the Mummy screams and wails and moans and whines. Cole left him on a tiny outcropping of rock, halfway down a vast well that ends in a lake of fire. I heart Cole. The Dolt and Cole orb and squiggle, respectively, onto an adjacent shelf. The Mummy screams some more, ordering the pair to stay away from him. "We're here to save you," quoth the Dolt. "You're the ones who put me here!" shouts the Mummy. "No, no," says Cole, the soul of modesty. "That was just me." Snerk. Cole asks the Mummy if he's reconsidered his plan to out the gals. The Mummy asserts that only his death will prevent him from carrying on as earlier promised. The Dolt tries to make the Mummy understand that hurting the Ps promotes the cause of Eeevil in the world, but the Mummy just snorts derisively in response. Cole lays it on the line for the Dolt. If they return the Mummy to the world above, Phoebe and Piper are lost forever. The Dolt apparently believes there are still other options. He instructs the Mummy to take his hand. The Mummy refuses. The Dolt says, "Where else can I take you that's worse than this?" I can think of a couple of locations, but I don't think any of you want to hear about Chicago leather bars. The Mummy grips the Dolt's outstretched fingers, and the two orb away. Cole pauses for a moment to sigh in despair, then squiggles out after them.

South Bay Social Services. How do I know this? It says so in black letters three feet high over the entrance, so that even the visually impaired in the audience can read it. Inside, Rose is chatting on the phone with her uncle. After inquiring as to the condition of her aunt's artificial hip, she darts her eyes over to the front desk. A gentlemen my friend Dan would call "not bad for a dad" approaches the receptionist to note that Jake and Carol Grisanti have arrived for their appointment. This must be the child abuser. Or. Is. He? Jake then turns to his wife to snap that he has to go to the can. Carol hangs her home-permed head in shame. Cut back to Rose, who shoots Jake a look that would scorch paint off the wall.

The Can. Jake approaches a sink to splash water onto his face. As he bends towards the basin, the fluorescents dim suddenly, then flicker back up. The Shource is in the house and is ready to par-tay! Jake catches sight of him in the mirror and turns to snarl, "Whadda you want?" The Source shoves a spectral claw out of Shane's chest, then emerges fully to tower over Jake as Shane's limp body drops to the tiled floor behind him. Jake freaks. The Source worms his way into Jake's body, and I'm sorry if that sounds naughty, but there's no other way to describe it. The Jource shudders a bit, then rises to study his reflection in the mirror. The beetle eyes roll in for a moment, and The Jource turns to stride out of the bathroom.

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