Charmed Again, Part II

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Charmed Again, Part The Second

Piper and Phoebe barrel into the locker room at that point. Piper hastily freezes Penguin GapTooth, and the two scuttle to Rose's side. "We have to get you out of here," Phoebe insists. "What did you do to her?" Rose asks, crinkling her nose in disgust. "Froze her," is the response. "Actually, we're lucky I didn't blow her up," Piper adds. "My powers have been a little off lately." Piper and Phoebe notice the embroidery on the blanket and reach to touch it. Rose snatches it away from them with "Mine!" and rockets out of the locker room. Piper and Phoebe give chase, with Piper threatening to freeze Rose if she doesn't stop. She can't freeze Rose, of course, but Rose doesn't know that. Rose calls over her shoulder for the two to leave her alone. Phoebe babbles about having gone through the same sort of denial period when she first found out she was a witch, but this line of reasoning doesn't work. Rose continues on her way out of the sanctuary as Piper urges from behind, "You have to trust us." "Trust you?" Rose sneers. "You just froze a nun. How do I know you're not the bad guys?" Phoebe manages to get Rose to stop when she calls out, "You have a magical power, you know!" Rose makes "prove it" noises. Phoebe and Piper fill her in on the Charmed Ones prophecy, specifically the bit about telekinesis. "You concentrate on an object -- like that candle over there," Phoebe suggests, "then you just wave your arm at it." Rose looks like most of her believes this to be crap, but gives it a try regardless. Nothing happens. Piper suggests she squint her eyes, as was Prue's wont. Squint. Arm flap. Nothing. "Well, maybe I'm not one of you if I can't even make that candle --" Rose starts in a snitty tone of embarrassment and irritation, gesturing towards the object in question. With the requisite heightened emotion in play, the candle immediately orbs from its stand into Rose's open palm. Rose gapes. Actually, they all gape, but Rose's jaw is the one that hits the floor. "Perhaps the Whitelighter in her makes it work differently," Phoebe guesses. Piper deadpans, "Half-breed." Snerk.

Outside, The Shource blazes in on the walkway outside and heads for the church door, muttering an aside to the unseen Smoked Bint, whose disembodied voice actually responds. As he approaches the church, the gargoyle above the door howls into life, wagging its head and tongue around while screeching. The Shource drops to the flagstones, roaring, "No!" Inside, Rose starts at the noise; Piper and Phoebe glance uneasily at each other. The Shource, unable to enter the sanctuary of his own volition, TKs the doors open and innocently bleats, "Paige?" Rose hears Shane's voice and rushes outdoors to his side. He lies that "something's after [him]," and the two turn to bolt. Phoebe and Piper quickly realize something's not right, and scuttle after them. The Shource swings his gaze at them and forcefully flings them backwards with a shot of electricity from his beetle eyes. The two gals slide on their backs all the way down the main aisle, coming to rest at the foot of the altar. "What. The hell. Was that?" shudders Piper. Yes, Piper. Exactly. "Good question," calls Penguin GapTooth, as she emerges from the locker room. She sternly folds her arms to glare at them, while Alyssa in her baby-blue tank top pretends she's posing for another FHM cover shoot. Piper's all "Oops!" and the penguin's all "Busted!"

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