Charmed Again, Part II

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Charmed Again, Part The Second

Cut to a glaring continuity error. An establishing shot of a police station indicates that it's the middle of the night, rather than midmorning. Inside, the Mummy hustles over to his desk, followed by Cole and the Dolt. Cole continues to threaten, but the Mummy's ignoring him. As Darryl approaches, the Mummy snatches up his phone and orders that Halliwell Manor be placed under twenty-four-hour surveillance. While this is going on, Piper rings the Dolt's bell. Cole makes one last menacing threat before exiting with the Dolt. Darryl tries to reason with the Mummy. The Mummy gets shirty. Darryl tosses the Mummy up against the wall and shouts something about how good the Glamorous Ladies of Halliwell Manor are. I pop my jaw yawning. Eventually, some random cops pull Darryl off the Mummy, and the scene ends.

Manor. Again, it's the middle of the night, which leads me to believe we lost a couple of scenes somewhere along the way here. On the sun porch, Piper, Phoebe, Cole, and the Dolt puzzle over the incident at the church. Together, Cole and the Dolt eventually figure out that The Source is taking advantage of "the mythological forty-eight-hour window of" Brad Kern yanking this out of his ass to lure Rose to the Dark Side. Piper: "Who makes up these cockamamie rules?" She glances at the Dolt, who shrugs and looks up. She shoots her gaze at Cole, who shrugs and looks down. Snicker.

Chez Rose. The Last Temptation of Paige continues apace. The Shource assures her that everything will be all right as long as she remains with him. As the camera circles them on the couch, the shot eases into "eerie" slow motion as The Shource gets lost in an echo chamber while smarming, "I'll take care of you-ou-ou-ou." Commercial.

Manor attic. The Gang of Four bickers about the best course of action. Cole wants to sic Belthazor on the Mummy's ass, but the Dolt counsels patience. Phoebe and Piper can't find anything of use in the Book of Shadows. Phoebe slams the Book shut, calling out for help. The Invisible Spectral Presence of Grams flips the BoS open to an enchantment spell, which reads as follows:

Speak these words to Enchant an Object:
Magic forces far and wide
Enchant these so those can't hide
Allow this witch to use therein
So she can reveal the Evil within

They really do just wing it with this whole rhyming thing, don't they? That one totally doesn't scan. Piper correctly supposes that the spell is to be used not to locate Rose, but to unmask The Source. When Phoebe whines about having no idea where The Source is, Cole reveals he and all of his dark demonic brethren can sense The Source's "aura." The only problem with this is that to do so, Cole would have to reveal his own presence to The Source. They decide they have no other choice. Phoebe selects a pair of novelty sunglasses as the object of the enchantment, much to Piper's irritation. The two women hold the glasses between them and recite the spell. The novelty frames glow. To test them, Phoebe dons them and trains her gaze on the Dolt. He appears as he always does -- that being, of course, a flannel-clad frat-boy jackass. Cole suggests that Phoebe try them on him instead. She shrieks at the sight. Through the "enchanted" lenses, she sees, of course, Belthazor. There's a Phoebe POV of Belthazor approaching her while speaking in Cole's voice that is sort of cool; then Phoebe thanks the ISP of Grams for the BoS assist. Piper reminds her that it might not have been Grams, and every time I've seen this, I've always initially thought she meant it might have been the ISP of Finola. It takes all twenty seconds of the various reaction shots to make me remember that Shannen Doherty was on this show at one point, and that Piper could be referencing the ISP of Prue.

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