Charmed Again, Part II

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Charmed Again, Part The Second

Chez Rose. The lady showers. The lady towel dries. The lady steps to the steamed-over mirror. The Shource decides that this would be an opportune moment to mess with her head. At first, his disembodied voice speaks to her, gliding in tone from Shane's register to The Source's and back again. Then The Shource materializes behind her, apparently naked, which I must admit I have no problem with at all in spite of the bedhead. He continues to address her, staring into her eyes via their shared reflection in the mirror. The content of the Satanic pep talk runs along the lines of Rose finally understanding her true nature, and that her "destiny" is not with her "sister witches," but to take advantage of her newfound abilities to promote her own causes. The Shource waves his hand over the mirror, and an image of Jake, the alleged child beater, appears, repeating his threats from the aftermath of the previous custody hearing. There's a reaction shot of Rose and The Shource, and from it, one can understand what Leslie Grossman was talking about in her second interview with Gustave about "eye lines" getting screwed up. Rose McGowan is staring straight ahead while Jordan Bridges is gazing off to a point at their left. Anyway, The Shource urges Rose to exact "[her] own revenge" on Jake, to "call for his heart" and "call for his life." Ew. Like, orb the guy's heart out of his body? There's got to be a neater way to go about this. She could get bloodstains on her blouse. The Shource vanishes. Rose, entranced, extends her arm towards the mirror, which shatters outwards from its frame. Second most crappy effect of the evening is the shot of the glass flying around, but not slicing through, Rose's head and neck.

SOUTH BAY SOCIAL SERVICES. Jake storms out of the second custody meeting, followed closely by a visibly-distraught Carol. Rose's boss watches them go, then heads towards his own office, passing the zombie-like Rose as he does so. Zombie Rose rises to follow Jake out of the building, under the malevolent eye of The Shource. Once outside, we get a good look at her outfit. Someone needs to drag the costumer to The Hague for crimes against humanity. Her braless tits are slung into a blue suede button-down vest over a pair of black, flared, rayon hip huggers that are slit at the ankle. She stops on the sidewalk, extends her hand, and demands, "Heart." Further down the walk, Jake clutches his chest and collapses. Home-Perm Carol screams.

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