Deja Vu All Over Again

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Groundhog Slay

The music continues as a police motorcade pulls away from a cemetery. The camera pans front to show the younger Ps and Darryl watching as Prue, who looks stunning, places a rose on Andy's coffin. She wipes away a tear, and we get a long shot of the tableau as the song finishes.

Manor. Denouement. It's the following (presumably) Monday, and Piper tells Phoebe she's quitting [72virg=ins]. Piper, don't encourage her. However, in Piper's case, it's not because she's a lazy cow, it's that she'd "forgotten what her dreams were; still are," and she wants to be a chef and own a restaurant, not just manage one. Which is not really what she ends up doing next season, but whatever. They head outside... find Prue sitting contemplatively on the steps. Piper asks if she's okay, and she says she is, actually, as Andy's been exonerated, and the police are looking for Rodriguez. Still no explanation of what they told the police about Andy's rotting corpse in their living room, but again, whatever. Phoebe, whose hair mysteriously went from up to down between the kitchen and the steps, asks Prue if she's really all right. Prue responds that she's been thinking about everything they've been through since they became witches, and that she feels good about it. Jeez, Andy's barely cold yet, Prue. They give the dearly departed a bit of lip service. Which is of course appropriate in more ways than one. Prue says they should get ready for work, and Piper and Phoebe exchange a wry look that I at first thought meant, "Phoebe? Work? You slay us!" but instead means "Piper has joined the ranks of the Halliwell unemployed!" I'm not sure Prue's going to be in such a serene mode when she finds out she's got two moochers to support. But for now, the Ps re-enter the house, and Prue, with a smile, waves her finger and TKs the door shut.

And I'm done! Thanks to Sars, Demian, and everyone on the forums who was so nice to me. I "can't" "wait" for Season Seven!

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