Deja Vu All Over Again

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Groundhog Slay

Manor street. A paper boy chucks the morning edition at the Manor, not particularly close to the door, the steps, or any other convenient place. Sorry, but if I have to send out a search party to find the paper, the delivery guy's not getting much of a Christmas tip. Inside, we get a shot of the small TV in the kitchen, telling us it's going to be a beautiful day. The bearer of this news is actually Nancy O'Dell, once of Access Hollywood, for anyone who cares, which would not include me. Phoebe's on the phone with Piper, asking what she's doing at [72virg=ins] at 8 AM. See, Phoebe, to earn money, there are these things called "jobs," and sometimes you have to go to them at inconvenient times, and why am I bothering? It's well-established that Piper works lunch, and with her martyr complex I can't imagine she hasn't gone in early some time in the past, so stow it, mooch. Anyway, Piper's doing a spot for the Food Network and she spilled something on her outfit, so Phoebe's going to take her a change of clothes. Oh, and Kit knocks over a pepper shaker, which I would ignore, but will actually be relevant. Phoebe makes a joke, but Prue's attention is absorbed first by the front page, and second by the sounds of skidding and a crash outside. Prue fixes Phoebe with an accusing glare and asks her where she parked her car the night before. Phoebe, seeing her life flash before her eyes, says she thinks it was in the driveway. The Ps rush to the window to discover it was a false alarm, and Phoebe's immensely relieved. Don't worry, Phoebe's going to get hers, twice. And just because of that, those of you who didn't vote for this episode in the poll should feel a little ashamed of yourselves. Prue tells us that the accident was "just a little fender-bender" (remember that! PAY ATTENTION!) and then exposits that Andy is in trouble. She holds up the front page of the San Francisco Ledger (not a real paper, as far as I can tell), which reads "INSPECTOR SUSPECTED IN I.A. MURDER," with a picture of our favorite lipless eye-candy. Phoebe can't believe that he's suspected in the murder of Rodriguez's partner (at the end of "Love Hurts"). I can't believe it either, considering Andy was with Darryl at the time, but whatever. Prue's on the right track when she opines that it could be a setup to force Andy to reveal the Charmed Ones' secret. Phoebe takes the paper and is flung into a premonition. She and Piper are kneeling over Andy's lifeless body. She reaches down to close his eyes, and the vision ends. Noooo! Can we at least get a shirtless scene before Ted King goes on to bigger and better things? No? Sigh. (And since "bigger and better things" means "General Hospital," I feel especially robbed.) Phoebe stammers that she saw Andy. "He was dead." Prue looks all, "Whew! I'm safe!" Credits.

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