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Groundhog Slay

Park. Andy asks Prue if Phoebe's ever been wrong about her premonitions, and Prue says no, but they've always been able to change the outcome. Actually, that brings up an interesting point. Would Phoebe have gotten the premonition about Andy dying, considering that Tempus had to reset time twice in order for it to happen? In other words, would she get a premonition that wasn't part of her original future? Since her premonitions, as Prue just basically pointed out, don't typically show what's meant to happen, I would think not. Not that that's going to affect my enjoyment of the episode, as it's paced so well that I'm only catching that on my umpteenth viewing. They're talking by a hanging bench, which may or may not be important later. She admonishes him to be extra careful until they find out the identity of the demon. Andy, lost in thought, wonders if it could be Rodriguez, and tells Prue about the meeting he requested with her, and the fact that he knows she's a witch. Realizing that Andy must be right, Prue tells Andy to have Rodriguez meet her at the Manor at six that evening. Andy objects, but Prue, just as Rodriguez predicted, says she'll have her sisters there to back her up. Andy wants to be there as well, but Prue hesitatingly tells him that he can't, as that's where he was in Phoebe's premonition. She tells him to stay away, and warns, "Don't make me use my magic on you." That line should, by rights, be horrendously cheesy, but both actors give endearing "I can't believe you/I just said that" smiles, and somehow, that sells it. Told you this episode was a keeper. Prue tells him how much she still cares for him, and he promises to stay away.

And just like that, Rodriguez is pulling up to the Manor. Andy, sticking to the letter of the promise if not the spirit, is staking the place out from across the street. As Rodriguez walks up to the steps, Kit, who's been getting a lot of screen time this episode, meows rather aggressively at him. He gives Kit an appraising "Should I waste a lightning bolt on you?" look.

Inside, Prue says they should go over the plan again, and Phoebe agrees, since "I want to know why I'm the one answering the door." So the viewing audience can be twice-blessed with the image of you shuffling off this mortal coil, Feebs. Prue says it's because she knows martial arts, and I have to admit that if Feebs thinks that's a poor substitute for the power to freeze or telekinesis, she's got a point, but it serves her right for complaining about her passive power anyway. The doorbell rings insistently, and Piper says that's not a good sign. Phoebe: "Which means if he doesn't want to kill Prue, he wants to date her." Ha! Everyone should get a bon mot before they die. And with that, I am signing the death warrant of the entire TWoP staff. See you in hell, friends. Anyway, Piper goes into the living room and Prue up the stairs, as planned, and Phoebe answers the door. Rodriguez goes through the motions of showing his badge, but as soon as he closes the door, his eyes go red. When Phoebe turns around, she goggles in terror, but she doesn't do so for long, as Rodriguez pummels her with a lightning bolt. She goes flying over the balcony, crashes into the wall and demolishes a couple pictures, and falls to the ground. Yessss! (If this were a later season, that would have been "YEEEESSSSSSS!") Piper calls her name, but when Rodriguez fires a bolt at her, she freezes it and him. Prue, on her way down the stairs, TKs the bolt back into Rodriguez, who vanishes with a howl. The elder Ps rush to Phoebe's side, to no avail. She's dead.

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