Deja Vu All Over Again

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Groundhog Slay

At [72virg=ins], Phoebe is trying to explain the Groundhog Day-cakes to Piper when Joanne enters. The scene plays out as before until Phoebe correctly identifies Joanne before she can introduce herself. Joanne mugs for the camera, which makes the Mrs. Potato Head aspects of her features even more frightening. Phoebe, meanwhile, covers by saying she remembers Joanne from high school, and then stage-whispers for Piper to freeze her. Piper obliges, and Phoebe rattles off the information about Joanne they learned last time. Piper unfreezes her, confirms that what Phoebe said is true, and then freezes her again. Hee, but I really don't need to see any more still shots of Joanne. I've got a bad cold, and I'm having enough trouble sleeping as it is. Piper demands an explanation, and Phoebe theorizes that a demon has cast a spell, and she's the only one who's aware of it because her power lets her see things that happened in different times, which...isn't completely buyable, perhaps, because we're talking about different time-lines, not times. But given how badly they usually screw up their explanations, this point isn't even minor-league. It isn't even Little League. Is there a T-ball league? Because that's what this is. Anyway, Piper and Phoebe make for the BoS, leaving Joanne to unfreeze on her own.

Andy and Prue, at the point where Prue is saying she'll have Piper and Phoebe to back her up. Prue gets a déjà vu, which on the surface sort of disproves Phoebe's explanation. On the other hand, if they all have some awareness of the timeline disturbance, it would certainly follow that Phoebe would have the greatest by far, so I'm not going to say another word about it. Except that Phoebe was wrong. Ha! Moving on, Prue recovers to play out the scene as before, only this time, she tells Andy how much she still loves him. He gets a little choked up, and they embrace. Might as well ask her for a little romp in the park, Andy -- what have you got to lose?

Whether said romp occurred, we'll never know, because Rodriguez is pulling up to the Manor again, and Andy is across the street, again. Kit hisses, again. I recap the same scene, again. Well, I will in about ten minutes, anyway.

Phoebe has found a spell in the BoS to accelerate time, but she hasn't quite figured out Tempus's grand plan yet. The doorbell rings, and the sisters start to fan out as earlier, but before Phoebe reaches the door, Rodriguez busts in and sends her flying, as before. Yessss! Before Piper can do anything but wail her sister's name, Rodriguez sends a bolt at her. The Hands come up too late, and she goes flying through one of the glass-paned doors into the solarium. Rodriguez directs a final blast at Prue, but the eldest P, no longer focusing her power through her eyes, waves a hand and directs the bolt back into Rodriguez, who blows up as before. Prue examines both her sisters in turn to discover that she's now an only child. (Oh, don't bring Raige into this.) Prue cries us into...

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