Deja Vu All Over Again

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Groundhog Slay

...Tempus's watch. He resets time as before. Incidentally, I don't think David Carradine has this power, or we wouldn't be seeing him in syndication. Rodriguez appears in a right snit. Tempus greets him with a bored, "Failed again, I see." Hee. Rodriguez's subpar acting might bother me if it didn't give Tempus such fodder. Rodriguez snarls that he got two of them, and "third time is the charm." The potted plant in the corner screams for mercy.

Paper boy, Nancy O'Dell. Phoebe, on the phone, is now calling everything that happens in advance, which...bugs, just a little bit, but only because it's her. She tells Piper to get home immediately, and then shows off some more to Prue. Prue demands an explanation, so Phoebe tells her the day is repeating itself, and she thinks that every time it happens, she figures it out faster. She realizes that she's supposed to be having a premonition, and tells Prue to look at the paper. Once she has, Phoebe tells her that she must warn Andy while Phoebe figures out what to do about the time demon. She doesn't actually go through the motions of receiving the premonition this time around, which seems like a pretty glaring oversight on her part. But hey, remember the part where she died? And then that other part, where she died? Good times.

Cuckoo clock. Cuckoo clock being blown apart by cuckoo demon with gun. Tempus chides him, but Rodriguez mouths off, saying he'll kill Prue first, which...sounds like a terrible plan to me, because Piper's got the only power he definitely can't overcome, but whatever. No one said this guy was the sharpest knife in the drawer, and Tempus's expression agrees with me.

[72virg=ins]. Joanne's cornered Piper, who tries to back out of the segment, claiming an emergency. She also relates a bunch of information about Joanne that she shouldn't logically know, but whatever. Joanne makes a bitchy comment, prompting Piper to make an "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!" speech, while Joanne hideously simpers away. Piper gets in a decent one about the nose job that "some discount doctor" gave her, and we're done with Joanne. I promise.

Prue's told Andy about the time loop, and Andy completes his Mulderfication by not even questioning it. He does point out that a demon that powerful must be after Prue and not him. Prue, as before, says she's relying on the Power of Three, but Andy, apparently taking his herbs as well these days, argues that the entire reason for the time loop might be to target all three of them. Prue, of course, is not having it. "Andy, I would die if anything happened to you. I love you." And you know what really says "I love you"? Pronouncing "anything" correctly. Awwww. Andy smiles and tells her he loves her too, and they hug. Okay, really: Awwww.

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