Deja Vu All Over Again

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Groundhog Slay

Aaand it's time for the real thing. Kit meows, and Rodriguez glares at him with his red-contact demon eyes. Andy, horrified, sees this, and rushes after him with loaded gun. Inside, Phoebe is reading the BoS entry on Tempus, who's called "the Devil's sorcerer" ("Source" this, assholes!) and says that to vanquish him, they need to "take him out of the time he's in." Speaking of time, there's no way they would have taken this long to find the entry, but again, it's not a big deal. This time, Rodriguez doesn't even bother with the doorbell. I'm going to assume he used his powers to unlock the door, because if not, HELLO! Also, if he planned to kill Prue first, coming in the front door makes no sense, if he remembers that she was upstairs the last two times. He sends a bolt at the sisters, but Piper dives at Prue, shoving her clear, while Phoebe manages to dodge it by swinging her shoulder out of the way. Andy then busts in the front door and takes a couple shots at Rodriguez, to no effect. Rodriguez then sends a bolt at him, and Andy goes flying to vanquish a rather expensive-looking china cabinet. Phoebe's agape, but can't really do anything but goggle until Piper gets to her feet and freezes Rodriguez. The younger Ps take stock: Prue apparently hit her head when Piper tackled her, so she's down for the count. They rush to Andy's side, and Phoebe's premonition plays out. So this is one time they didn't change the outcome. Interesting. The younger Ps look distraught. Hons, I know it's a tough time, but you might want to keep an eye on that freeze. Just a thought.

When we return, Rodriguez is tied to a chair. Piper's crying as Phoebe's playing bad cop, saying the only reason Rodriguez is still alive is so he can help her figure out how to save Andy. Piper points out that the River Styx has a strict no-return policy, but Phoebe thinks they can use the time loop to their advantage. She realizes that killing Rodriguez will likely trigger the time loop, and Rodriguez says that he was told they wouldn't know that, like, NICE FOR BOTH SIDES TO GIVE UP THAT INFORMATION. If Phoebe had kept her mouth shut, they might, based on her growing awareness with each repeated day, have risked resetting time and taking Rodriguez on with their increased knowledge. But now that he knows they know about the time loop, that option is clearly far too risky. As for Rodriguez, when are the bad guys going to learn to keep their mouths shut? Because Phoebe seizes on his statement, saying that it must have been Tempus who told him that. More posturing ensues until Piper pulls Phoebe aside and warns that resetting the day might enable Rodriguez to kill them all. Rodriguez gloats that the day will reset itself anyway, and again, SHUT UP. The younger Ps try to wake up Prue, like, don't mind the concussion or anything, but their voices dissolve into...

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