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Desperate Crackmonkeys

Oh, and would you look at that? The scene's over. Hooray!

Preschool Of The Damned. Piper and the Dolt take their seats for the dead-eyed Psycho's insipid Cinderella pageant, and the only thing I feel compelled to note about this scene is the following: Piper's evidently hauled some random infant she found out in the gutter indoors for the festivities. Either that, or some genius on the production staff recast Tiny Gay Chris with a child who's even younger than the last one was. Not to mention thinner. With more hair. And just when I was growing fond of the fugly little blubber wad. Sigh. Stupid Charmed ruins everything! And with that, we finally fade to black.

Next week, The Retarded Bimbo casts a spell that somehow forces Phoebe and Vex to get married. No, I don't get it, either. And given how utterly brainless this show has become, I'm sure I don't want to. Have fun!

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