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...Prue snaps awake, drool no doubt pooling on the various files on her desk. She picks up the receiver to find Andy on the other end. He "just wanted to hear [her] voice." She groggily thanks him for calling and hangs up. Still clutching the opener, she wheels about in her chair with the thing raised when Rex startles her from behind. "Bloody hell!" he shouts, which is pretty accurate. The opener is smeared with gore from Sugar's hand. Prue gazes at it in horror as she lowers it to her desk. The camera tracks in on it as we fade out into commercial.

The Loneliest Precinct House In The World, and I'm going to start calling it Andy's House Of Beef or something, because that other name has become a pain in the ass to type. Darryl ruthlessly deconstructs Andy's suspicions regarding Sugar. Andy in turn gets hot and heavy with the exposition, explaining that Sugar's research concerns "dream leaping" (which is exactly what you think it is) while noting that the breaking-off of his relationship with the first victim was what led to the car accident that left him a crippled and embittered bong monkey. He was so distraught, you see, that he wrecked his car, so he leapt into Derickson's subconscious and threw her off a roof. Just go with it. After all, Darryl is. The two grab their jackets and saunter out of the precinct.

Manor. Phoebe arrives to find scores of floral arrangements littered throughout the hallway, dining room, and kitchen. Piper peers out from behind some of the bunches in the kitchen, sipping tea. She explains that she found the flowers waiting for her on the front porch when she returned. Some are from men she barely knows, some are from men she doesn't know, and the rest are for Phoebe. Phoebe guesses that her Big Gay Boyfriend chose not to send her anything, as their date was a disaster. Duh. He's gay. Steroid-chomping, gym-ratting, construction-boot-wearing, gay-porn gay. Bonehead. Piper decides that they should -- wait for it -- reverse the spell. "Love is a magic between two people that cannot be conjured," she insists. Kit yowls and scampers into Phoebe's lap to hork up a spiky hairball in Piper's direction. Oh, I'm sorry. Kit's actually just complaining, because he appears to have been affected by the spell as well. Phoebe glances at the windows, which are full of horny kitties hungry for a little Kit action, like, stick a pencil in it, ladies. Phoebe hollers at the "tomcats" to scram. Oops. I suppose Kit was still supposed to be female at this point. I can't remember when Kit finally managed to scrape together the cash to head over to Denmark for the reassignment surgery, but I know he was a boy cat by the time "Pre-Witched" rolled around. Oh, I get it! Maybe Kit's been a boy all along, and he's the regular character who's been representing the San Francisco gay community from the start! That makes total sense. Damn, the tangents are just thick on the ground tonight, aren't they?

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