Dream Sorcerer

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Stars shining bright above you

Down in the main hallway, Prue lifts the receiver to find Sugar Johansen on the other end of the line. Oh, God. Spare me. For his delivery of these lines, the actor playing the cripple has adopted a nasal Nicholson whine that was grating even when Christian Slater used it in Heathers, and Christian Slater had the benefit of using the Nicholson Nasal for parodic purposes. Here? Not so much. Hell -- not at all. Bad cripple! Bad! Long story short, Sugar asks Prue out on a date, Prue tells Sugar to blow his date and his line readings out of his ass, and Sugar hangs up on her in a snit. Phoebe breezes to the front door, intending to head off to [72virg=ins] to see if her spell worked. Slut. Whore. Slut-whore. She invites the others to join her, but both Prue and Piper beg off, with Prue calling Phoebe "Missy May" as she does so. I have no idea where that came from, but it's sort of amusing. Once the raging hosebeast has left, Prue announces she's headed upstairs for a nice long soak in the tub.

Bathroom. Tub. Candles. Prue, soaking. Shannen Doherty, thankfully covered completely from the neck down by bubbles. Prue closes her eyes, and the lighting slides from the yellowish glimmer of the lit candles to...

...a rich, violet, cinematic glow as the black-gloved hand of Sugar enters the frame. He rouses her and makes with the threats. She screams for Piper, then gasps at him in horror when she realizes he joined her word-for-word in his own mocking tone of voice. He reveals that he's wormed his way into her subconscious, and is thus privy to all of her thoughts, all of her dreams, and all of her fears. The scene abruptly shifts so that while Prue is still in the tub, the tub itself is now in the center of The Soundstage Of It's Not The Fall That Kills You -- It's The Sudden Stop. "You are not real!" Prue seethes at Sugar. "You don't exist!" "That's what your mother used to say, isn't it?" Sugar smiles, suddenly on the opposite side of the tub. He rises and latches on to a loofah as he stalks around her and continues, "Before you went to sleep as she tucked you in she'd say if you saw any monsters to tell yourself they weren't real -- they didn't exist?" Prue's been repeating her last line like a mantra the entire time, then realizes she's paralyzed in the water and shrieks, "Why can't I move?" "Because I'm going to love you to death," is Sugar's psychotic reply as he slides a loofah down her back. As he's now controlling the horizontal and the vertical, the loofah gouges the flesh in her back, drawing blood that mingles with the water and the suds to stain her skin. Prue pants and shrieks and thrashes about as lightning flashes and Sugar forces her head beneath the water. He grimaces at the effort required to subdue her, then whips his head around when he hears someone thumping at the bathroom door and...

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