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Episode 307: Leaving on an Astral Plane
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When Prue falls into a trap set by an evil trickster witch (Laura Leighton) while astrally projecting, she finds herself lost and unable to return to her unconscious body. Reformed criminal Bane Jessup (guest star Antonio Sabato, Jr.) is released from prison, but his plans to resume his romance with Prue are postponed as he assists Phoebe and Piper in the revival of their sister.

Recaplet: Proopy, Come Home
The Brothers Grimm met the Sisters Halliwell in this homage to "Sleeping Beauty." Prue found out that she really can't be in two places at once when Sydney from Melrose Place, playing a witch with a huge grudge against the Ps, set a trap that separated Astral Prue from her corporeal body. While Astral Prue flitted in and out of planes of reality throughout the city, the docile Ps tried to figure out what to do with her unconscious form back at the manor. (They didn't paint a moustache on her and put her hand in warm water to make her pee, as I might have been tempted to do.) Luckily, Bane (Antonio "Woof" Sabato, Jr.), newly released from jail due to a reversed ruling, showed up at the manor to help the fretful sisters save his comatose love interest. Prue woke up (natch), she and Bane macked, and Laura Leighton and Antonio went off to trade nasty stories about working with Heather Locklear.

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