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Library. Phoebe puts her books and bag on the same study table as earlier. She's wearing red pants, a Laura Ashley-ish floral print jeans jacket, and her less-sexy wire-rim frames today. Blonde appears at the other study table, and greets Pheebs. Blonde rubs her neck and asks Phoebe for some aspirin, because she has "a splitting headache." I guess this is some sort of gruesome joke, but I'm taking this comment -- yet another mention of analgesics on this show -- as a pseudo shout-out to the recaps. Anyway, Phoebe is freaking. She tells Blonde, "You're supposed to be . . ." Blonde asks, "What?" as a library menial pushes a cart full of books through her apparition. We will now call her Casper Blonde. She repeats, "Be what?" Phoebe gapes.

I like that M&M commercial with the tarty-looking candy getting cat-calls while she walks down the sidewalk. Especially since she's green, because everybody learned in grade school that the green ones make you horny. ["I like the double meaning in the comment she makes at the end of the spot: 'Buy a bag!'" -- Sars]

P3AD. Piper's working a push broom, cleaning up yet another mess the other characters left behind (natch). In her other hand, she's using a cell phone to leave "another message" for Dan. She tells the person on the line, "Oh, HE KNOWS what this is about." Then Phoebe lopes into the club. Piper tells Phoebe that Leo and Dan are both dodging her. Phoebe gets exposition on the fight. In exchange, Piper gets exposition on Casper Blonde. Piper admits that Phoebe's subplot "tops" hers. Phoebe blathers some more about Casper Blonde not realizing that she's dead. Piper calls it denial. Phoebe bitches and moans about her need to study, then baby voices to Piper, "Maybee oo cood hep mee owt wi thi wan, 'n ayull tayk the nex too goeths, 'kay?" Piper reminds Pheebs "how this works"; since Casper Blonde came to her, she has to provide the assistance. Phoebe will probably need to help CB receive justice for her murder so she can "move on." (Continuity Alert! Piper's reference is to the "Dead Man Dating" ep.) Phoebe whines that she thinks a demon killed CB. Piper, "Oh, so you pawn this one off on me!" Word -- way to tell off that lazy P. Phoebe assures Piper that she would have filled her sister in on the demon "sooner or later." Then she whines out some more exposition about CB's thesis proving the existence of demons. Piper tells Pheebs to find out what the proof is, but first she needs to tell CB that she's dead. Phoebe: "How do you tell someone their life is over?" The sisters are stumped.

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