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University. Library. Phoebe walks up to Blonde's study table, where her notes and books and bag are miraculously still strewn about from the night before. Casper Blonde appears. Phoebe's startled. A stereotypical grim, silence-demanding librarian gives Pheebs a stern look. From Librarian's point of view, Phoebe is talking to herself, asking dead air, "How are you feeling?" Casper Blonde says her headache's gone, but she still feels weird in general. Librarian glares. Phoebe moves the conversation with CB to the stacks. Phoebe: "The reason you feel weird . . . is . . . you're a ghost." CB: "Excuse me?" This is Phoebe's cue to break the news to CB even louder and more stridently: "You have to ACCEPT IT. When was the last time you ATE SOMETHING or were HUNGRY for that matter?" The irony of that question being asked of an actress on an Aaron Spelling show, or on the WB network for that matter, is not lost on me. CB stands there all fish-eyed. Phoebe: "I think a demon KILLED YOU! THAT'S WHAT I AM. TRYING. TO. SAY." CB blanches. Phoebe thankfully takes it down a notch, and explains that the only reason she can see CB is because she's a witch. Phoebe wants to help CB. CB: "You're the one who needs help, not me." Phoebe asks CB to try to pick a book from the shelves; "neophyte ghosts can't channel their anger into moving material objects." CB walks over to a shelf, but turns away before she attempts to lift up a volume. She wails: "This is ridiculous! I'm not dead! I have my whole life ahead of me! I will finish my thesis and get it published!" She runs off. Phoebe follows, but stops to leaf through CB's thesis notebook. She has a B&W psychic vision of a demon with a sickle swinging it toward Pheebs's head. Phoebe grabs her throat and gasps in fright. Librarian shoots silence beams at her.

Damn. I missed that "Something About May Tuna" episode of Seventh Heaven.

Halliwell Manor. Sunroom. Phoebe sits on the wicker, holding the Book of Shadows upright and open in front of her face. What the? Didn't she get glasses already? Why is she doing this? Prue walks in, wondering what Pheebs is doing with the BoS. Phoebe expositions to Prue about Casper Blonde, and about the premonition Pheebs just had that implies that she will be beheaded next. She's found out that the murderous demon is called "Libris." Creatures of his type lurk in places like libraries or musty basements (where there's the potential for humans to find unequivocal proof of demon existence), so I guess they're kind of the silverfish of demons. Also, the actresses in this episode are choosing to rhyme "Libris" with the product Febreze, and it's really working my nerves. Prue, even more of a hypocrite this week, tells Phoebe to stop trying to help Casper Blonde so Pheebs won't be in danger. Phoebe, to her credit, says that she can't; she believes she must help CB get justice for her murder so she can "move on." Then Pheebs asks Prue how her day has been. Prue: "Better, once I find the truth spell." She expositions about her do-gooding with Trenchcoat Man, and how she wants to use the spell on Pawnshop Guy to make him confess. Pheebs warns her that the Halliwells can't use their powers to "punish the guilty." (Continuity Alert! Again! Allusion to "Morality Bites" ep.) Prue tries to justify her actions by explaining that she's been "drawn in" by Trenchcoat Man's plight. Phoebe leans forward and goes into psychologist mode. Pheebs: "Why were you drawn in?" Prue: "By the look on his face, his pain." Pheebs: "The pain of a father's loss?" Prue: "Maybe." Then Prue has a breakthrough in which she realizes that she's been projecting her feelings of abandonment by Pére Halliwell onto her relationship with Trenchcoat Man. She adds, "I just keep bumping up against the theory that if it hurt [Pére Halliwell] so much [to abandon the Ps], where is he?" Prue gets all conflicted and weepy. Phoebe hands her a box of tissue, praises Prue's progress, reminds her of their standing appointment at three o'clock every Thursday, and offers to validate her parking.

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