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Just then, Casper Blonde wafts through the stained glass windows and greets the lazy Ps. She's realized that Pheebs was right about her non-living status. CB went home and found her parents (even her father) crying over her death. Casper Blonde: "I got pissed! If a demon did this to me, I want to get him! I want to prove he doesn't exist anymore!" Prue asks Pheebs if this is her "friend from the library." Pheebs, rather callously, "Yeah, the DEAD ONE." Not to mention how rude it is to talk about someone in the third person when they're floating there in the same room. Shut up, Phoebe.

Apartment house. Piper's having tea with Lillian, Leo's elderly widow. This actress is so fine in this small role that I wondered where she was when they were casting for Aunt Gail in the "How to Make a Quilt Out of Americans" ep. Lillian informs Piper that Leo was studying to be a doctor before he fought and was killed in WWII. They both note his "marvelous touch." Then Lillian tells Piper that the ghost of Leo visited her one night. He was bathed in a white light and urged Lillian to "move on" and not expect him to come back into her life because now he's "immortal" and "in good with God" and has a "hard-bodied, gorgeous twentysomething trophy girlfriend with supernatural powers." Actually, the visitation appeared shortly after his death in the 1940s, and he told Lillian that "another love" was waiting for her. So she married a doctor and had children. Now she even has a great-grandchild. Piper thanks Lillian and gets up to go, because she "got what [she] came for."

Halliwell Manor. Night. Parlor. Casper Blonde expositions about getting grabbed by Libris. She doesn't remember what happened after she was pulled into the bookshelf. Prue: "He must have taken her somewhere else to, you know [makes a cutting motion across her neck]." CB stares at Prue, appalled. That's it. The lazy Ps are NOW OFFICIALLY the callous Ps. Take note. Pheebs reiterates their need to "find him, and catch him." Phoebe offers to go to the library and retrace CB's steps. The hard Ps will follow to protect Phoebe with their active powers. Prue pooh-poohs this as "too risky." Phoebe offers Prue, "You help me with my demon, and I'll help you with yours." Man, they're selfish; they're family but this all has to be quid pro quo. Whatever! Just then, Piper walks into the foyer. The callous Ps and Casper Blonde usher her out the door with them as they head to the university. Pipers wonders what's the big and asks who CB is. Phoebe rather heartlessly replies, once again, "My DEAD friend!"

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