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Ex Libris

University. Library. Casper Blonde shows Pheebs her notes. Then Phoebe and CB head to the scene of CB's abduction in the stacks. The hard Ps follow. Phoebe slowly reaches for "The Encyclopedia of Demons" on the shelf. She grabs it, but nothing happens. CB thinks that maybe "demons can see ghosts," and therefore Libris is avoiding the trap set by CB. But suddenly Libris morphs forward and pulls Phoebe headfirst into the bookshelf vortex. CB jumps in also. Phoebe is thrown into a storeroom. Libris makes a sickle appear in his hand, and swings it toward Phoebe's head. Casper Blonde channels her rage well enough (or has been spending her free time re-watching the "Patrick Swayze getting training" scenes from Ghost) that she's able to grab the sickle before it lops off Phoebe's noggin and all of the air escapes. Back at the bookshelf, the hard Ps try to figure out where Pheebs went. Piper hears shrieks coming from the basement air vent. She books downstairs. Prue slumps forward. Astral Prue appears in the storeroom and Hallmarks, Demon hide your evil face/ Libris die and leave no trace. The demon disappears as his sickle clanks onto the floor. Phoebe thanks god for Casper Blonde being "a quick study." CB thinks "justice has been served" and stands there, waiting to go Into the Light. Phoebe tells her to "take care." CB's still standing there. She wonders why it's "not working." Phoebe shouts, "I HAVE NO IDEA!" and looks perturbed.

Trailers, tornadoes, Ashley Judd holding a Big Gulp, Sally Field in blowsy fried blonde hair, Natalie Portman in Wal-Mart maternity wear and an empathy pad. Those sharp pains? Coming from Where the Heart Is. An ambulance speeds towards Owen's apartment.

Halliwell Manor. Kitchen. Piper and Phoebe argue over why Casper Blonde isn't playing a harp by now. Just then, CB floats into the room and startles the Halliwells. Prue praises CB's floating. Phoebe calls her a "quick study" again. CB wonders if Libris wasn't really vanquished. Piper agrees, suggesting, "Maybe we didn't really vanquish him, like we did the demon of illusion." (Continuity Alert! "Chick Flick" nod. Hello, writers! Keep coming back to the forums for suggestions to improve the show!) Phoebe protests, because the vanquishing spell was written in the BoS specifically for Libris. Besides, Prue notes, "He left his sickle behind." CB wails, "DAMNIT!" and pushes some plates off the counter onto the floor. She apologizes. An anvil, er, one of Trenchcoat Man's fliers floats down on top of the dish debris. Prue: "That's it! Maybe she has to get justice for someone else!" Gee, ya think?

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