Exit Strategy

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Exit Strategery

Cavern Of The Bi Kraps. Cole squiggles in, and the man is pissed. Ian rounds a corner to join him. “I knew you’d be back,” he oozes. “I’ve been waiting for you.” Cole’s not having the social niceties here. “My father’s soul. Where is it?” he demands. Ian obliges him by raising a hand and conjuring the glowing white orb. Cole reverently lifts the orb from Ian’s palm and crosses away from him. “Of course,” Ian snorts, “now that you’re evil, what can you do with it?” Cole tells him to mind his own business, then changes the subject. He wants to know what sort of magic Ian worked on him to force him to murder Jenna. Ian wonders if it really matters. Didn’t Cole enjoy killing her? Cole seethes, “Not as much as I’m going to enjoy this.” His father’s soul has been conveniently replaced by a dagger. He plunges the weapon into Ian’s stomach, then twists it around before yanking it forcefully up and down. Ian, unfortunately, refuses to die quickly. He grunts through clenched teeth that this is exactly what he wanted -- Cole’s “inner demonic nature finally showing itself in all its glory.” Cole angrily pushes Ian away. Ian staggers for a moment, then examines the blood gushing from his gaping wound. “You’re truly evil now, Belthazor.” Shouldn’t you be dead by now? “Welcome home.” Shut up and die. Please. Ian drops to his knees. Flames burst in a circle around him. He stares up at Cole, then drops through the floor into Hell. And don’t ever come back. Do you hear me? Cole falls to his own knees, tearing up a bit. He raises his eyes heavenward as the screen slowly fades to black.

Next week, a botched spell turns Prue into a literal bitch. This, I cannot wait to see.

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