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Exit Strategery

Manor attic. Jenna instructs Piper on the ingredients for Demon Be Gone, which include bottled water, dandelion, and chickweed. Piper places each ingredient into the glass jar she holds above the table. Prue, who had been leafing through the Book of Shadows in the background, wonders why bottled water is necessary. “For Cole, the purer the better,” Piper perks. I’ll let that one slide, knowing that the results of the study that proved tap water as clean as bottled were published the same day this episode aired. Piper seals the lid on the jar and shakes it while she bitches about her screwed-up powers. She snots that TPTB are “punishing” her for wanting a normal life. “By this time next week, I’ll be walking around like Carrie at the prom.” That would be fun, but you know we’re never going to see it. Jenna just smiles and changes the subject. These Charmed Ones -- they're so wacky. The potion should be sufficiently mixed by now, Jenna notes, and takes the jar from Piper’s hand. The Dolt orbs in behind her with some good news and some bad news. Piper’s powers aren’t “wonky,” as she puts it. They’re “advancing.” “Turns out your powers work by slowing down molecules,” he explains. “And now, apparently, you can speed them up as well.” This is the good news. The bad news is that Piper needs a hell of lot of practice before she can control it. Prue tells her not to “look a gift power in the mouth.” They’ll need all the help they can get to fight off the Bi Kraps. Her research in the BoS turned up an entry on the amulets. If the Bi Kraps acquire the spell therein, they can use the amulets to promote the cause of evil. Jenna’s confused. Join the club, sweetpea. She was told evil could not benefit from the charm. As were we all. Prue’s version of spackling over this plot hole involves the line, “Maybe they figured out a way.” Yeah, and maybe the writers hit the crack pipe one too many times. Phoebe enters the attic at this point, dragging the knackered Colethazor behind her. He slumps wearily into a chair and she kneels at his side. Prue astutely observes, “You look like hell.” Yeah, ha ha -- not. Phoebe wants to know if the Demon Be Gone is ready. Jenna replies that it must cool off a bit “and turn blood red.” Piper offers to get some ice from the kitchen. Prue makes with the excuses and joins her.

Manor hall. Prue and Piper descend the stairs holding hands. Prue snarks, “At least you got a new power. You’ve been bitching about it long enough.” She’s been bitching about a lot of things long enough, Prue. Don’t encourage her. “Yeah, well be careful what you bitch for,” Piper replies. One wishes you would take your own advice and shut up now and again, sweetie. The Freak chooses this moment to squiggle into the hallway. Piper hoots and hollers and blows up a ficus. The Freak grins maliciously and hurls an FBOD at the twosome. Prue TKs it into a wall, where it scorches the paint. The Freak advances on them. Prue lands a couple of kicks to his head, then boots him in his ample stomach. He flies back, smashing a table and a couple of knick-knacks. Prue stands above him with her fists at the ready and orders Piper to try freezing the Freak again. Piper complies, blowing up the supports for the upper half of the bookcase behind Prue in the process. It topples over, squishing Prue like a bug. Go, Piper! Go, Piper! I could deal with more of that. Piper hoots a bit more as the Freak rises to his feet. “Phoebe!” Piper squeals as she smashes a crystal vase over the Freak’s shaggy head. Phoebe rushes down from upstairs to be met by an FBOD. She dodges it by leaping over the balustrade, smashing another table and stunning herself as she lands. It’s all on Piper now. She backs away from the Freak, begging her power to work this time. She shoots her hands out. The Freak stops dead in his tracks, shudders a bit, then explodes into a shower of black confetti. Piper, naturally, is ecstatic, practically dancing on the demon’s ashes. Phoebe congratulates her and tells her to wake Prue up. She then bounds back upstairs to the attic to help Cole. Piper, fearing the Wrath of Prue, hesitates for a moment before moving to Prue’s side.

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