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Something Better Change

Previously on Charmed, last week, pretty much.

Currently on Charmed, we fade up on the potions-laden table in the nonexistent attic; the camera pulls a slow pan past various Mason jars and bottles and whatnot before drawing close to Raige, who's busily abusing the Book of Shadows as Secretly INSANE Brody raps at the door. "Hey," he opens, interrupting her research. "I let myself in. Hope that's okay." Six and a half years, and they're still not locking the goddamn front door. These people. These stupid, stupid people. Raige, clutching a piece of paper upon which she's scribbled something from the Book, skitters across the nonexistent room to greet the obscenely bulging boyfriend with a quick peck on the cheek before returning to the table to complete the potion she'd been mixing. As Brody too-idly wonders what's up, Raige exposits that the Glamorous Ladies have been on a demon-sporking tear as of late, thanks to a massive assist from the Avatars. Brody, for some reason, still hates the idea that his wan little girlfriend is in cahoots with those entities he recently learned did not, in fact, kill his parents. "It doesn't mean they're still not a threat," he claims. "It doesn't change the ten years I spent learning who they really are, or why people fought them off for thousands of years before us." "Haven't we been over this?" Raige sighs, so very weary of the entire topic. "Apparently not enough," he shoots back at her, and you know what? I'd probably care more about this if he, oh, I don't know, actually cited some of that murky research he's always babbling on about. One of the things we have yet to and will never learn, for example, is why the Egyptians viewed the Avatars as such a threat that they went to all the trouble of concocting and testing a series of potions until they found one with just the right amount of Avatar-hating tendrilly doom to kill them.

But whatever. Like I said, nothing like that is ever discussed, so I guess we're supposed to ignore it all in favor of listening to the heartfelt pep-talk Raige gives Brody at this juncture, pretty fucking tedious, and rather poorly delivered in the manner to which we've become accustomed from Rose McGowan, so let's skip ahead to the part where Brody wonders how "The Change" is going to happen. "They're going to help us write a spell," Raige replies as she crosses back over to the Book to continue jotting down details from the entry she'd been consulting. "What kind of spell?" Brody asks, still suspicious. "I don't know yet," Raige admits, screwing up her face into a hideous -- erm, I mean, "cute" -- little grimace. "You don't know," Brody dazedly repeats. "They're getting you to remake the frigging world, and you don't know?" "I've been a little busy," Raige protests weakly. "Kind of a fundamental question to ask, don't you think?" Brody counters, and I hate to admit it, but he's got a point. Raige non-answers that she thinks "it's more important to get rid of as many demons as possible," and when Brody then wonders whether the ever-useless Elders have been consulted, Raige rolls her eyes and sneers, "I don't think they would understand." She softens a bit and rounds the Book's stand to give him a lingering kiss before excusing herself with, "I have one more demon to go after, okay?" She checks a final detail in the Book, then orbs out of the room. Leaving Secretly INSANE Brody alone with the Book. Despite the fact that she should have learned long ago that leaving her boyfriends alone with the Book rarely if ever results in anything good. Dim witch.

Brody stands in place for a few seconds after Raige's orb cloud has dissipated, then shiftily eyes the nonexistent room's door for signs of Piper or Phoebe. Once he's confirmed he's alone, he eases over to the stand and starts frantically flipping through the pages, rather quickly stumbling across the entry for the Elders. He places his hands on the entry, closes his eyes to concentrate, and announces, "I beg you, if you can hear me, I can help you stop the Avatars. I still have a vanquishing potion." The camera tracks slowly in towards his face for a long moment before cutting to a shot from the center of the room. An ethereal breeze enters the room to ruffle his clothing before the carpet beneath his feet irises opens and he drops straight down into...

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