FHM Interview With Alyssa Milano

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FHM Hates Me
In response to Freer's question about being single again, Milano announces she "[feels] a bit ridiculous like, 'Of course! The actress marries the rock star and it lasts 11 months!'" She whines about the situation being "cliché," and insists that the last thing her marriage was was a cliché. Whatever. The interview just sort of fizzles out from there, with Milano telling Freer she's not interested in pursuing relationships at this point in her life. Really, that's pretty much how it ends. Milano does, however, come out of her FHM experience in far better shape than Doherty did. Note to Shannen: next time you agree to appear in a lad rag, make sure the interviewer is a woman. You'll be glad you did.

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